Unsolved Cat 'N' Dog Mysteries by AFSS

Thanks for the pawsome idea Zoolatry. We would like to present The Mystery of The Disappearing Treats by AFSS

It was a day like any other day that Mommy goes to the store. She got up early and got her shower, as usual us cats elected to stay inside until she returned home while Fenris went outside to patrol for intruders. While at the store Mommy bought us some cat treats and Fenris got some doggie bones. They were placed inside one of the plastic baggies and put inside the car. Mommy drove home and the boy beans helped her unload the car once she was here. The bag with the treats was carried in the house and placed on the kitchen counter. Eventually Mommy got around to unloading the bags and putting the groceries away the treats were supposedly placed on our shelf in the pantry and gasp they were never seen again!!!!!!!

What oh what happened to our treats..............................................

Did the boy beans eat them for a snack?

Did the absent minded Mommy put them somewhere else and forget about it?

Did Fenris eat them bag and all?

Did the Mouse drag them to her lair under the couch and nibble a hole in the bag so she could enjoy the treats at her leisure and in solitude.?

Did some nefarious stranger make off with our treats?

Nobody knows..........................................................................................


  1. That truly is a mystery. We're sure adorable Fenris is innocent.

  2. We agrees with you Prancer Pie, Fenris doesn't bother stuff even foods stuff that isn't his. He is a very good doggie. Unlike Scylla who will rip a hole in the cat food bag if Mommy doesn't put it out of her reach right away.

  3. We can solve this mystery! Oh, yes we can, fur sure! It is quite obvious to us that the "mom" in the house is very much like the "mom" in the Zoolatry house!
    Absent-minded is an UNDERSTATEMENT.
    It is her fault without a doubt, not even a reasonable doubt.
    We suggest you sentence her to another trip to the store to replensish the treats supply.

  4. Awwww me and Charlie think Fenris and Artemisia are totally innocent cos they're so lovely!! We think "someone" (ahem!) mislaid them! LOL! Take care

  5. Did the CSI there check Fenris' breath? BOL

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Awesome mystery! We can't believe cute Fenris would ....

  7. Gremlins....or the boys!! We can't believe Fenris would do something like that!!

  8. I don't think I ate them, but I'm not certain of that!

  9. SQUIRRELS... I know the answer.. it was a group of SQUIRRELS that stole the treats and bones..
    Every buddy knows that squirrels are all BUTTlers and the BUTTlers ALWAYS do it!!!

  10. Things like this happen at our house too - we think there is an invisible treat thief lurking in all good homes!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  11. Mum says she has to agree with Zoolatry and her money is on your mum putting them somewhere. My mum puts things safe and they are not seen again for many a day only to turn up where she has looked a million times before. I hope they turn up soon.. Hugs GJ xx

  12. Um, were Buddy & Sam visiting Fenris then?

  13. I'm reading backwards so I already know the answer to this one. :)


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