Fenris Friday

Look WHO is trying to steal my CANNED DOGFOOD that I only get ONCE a month.  Mommy says that Scylla has a few screws lose. See Scylla always acts terrified of me when I am trying to be friendly and even when I am ignoring her if we are in the same room. BUT  when she wants my food she walks right up to me even with me growling and snarling. Mommy says I was very scary but apparently Scylla didn't think so cause she just stood there and LOOKED at me "like what's your problem". I didn't hurt her (that would have made Mommy mad at me), and Mommy locked her in the garage for me so I could eat in peace. But really Scylla, Dog wagging tail = wants to be friends let's play,  Dog growling and snarling = run away as fast as you can, you seem to have it backwards. ~Fenris


  1. She will get it one day, Fenris. Maybe you could leave her a tiny tidbit in your bowl when you are done

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Awww sweet Scylla was having her fun with you, gorgeous Fenris! But yay for telling her about the rules and boundaries so you'd both be happy! Take care

  3. OP Pack, sigh Scylla has that backwards too she thinks she should get to eat MY FOODS first and I should get the tiny tidbits she leaves. She steals the other cats food bowls right out from under their noses.

    Hi Old Kitty ~Fenris

  4. Poor Scylla seems to have Your Signals Crossed.. hehehee

    You surely did look SUPER at the dance with your Gorgeous DATE.

  5. Not to worry handsome Fenris, Scylla won't eat much!

  6. Scylla has the same problem as one of my cats. She is always interested in food and doesn't care who it belongs to!

  7. I think a cat wants what a cat wants!

  8. How funny! Is Scylla dyslexic? :)

    Glad you don't hurt her.

  9. silly kitty!

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. Can't blame her for wanting to share food with you. :)

    Did you get the mail I sent you?


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