Thursday in The Garden

Jonesie started the Society of Feline Gardeners meeting with a heads up about the best place to buy seeds. Jonesie is supporting United Paws by spreading the word that if you buy garden seeds from Renee's Garden and use code FR227A, 25% of the order goes to United Paws! This is the wonderful seed company that Raymond and Busby's mom works for.

Now for our gardening report..........................Spring is Here (we knows what the calendar says, but the yard says it is March, see for yourself).

 The Flowering Quince is blooming.

 The Snowflakes are up and blooming.
 See the cute little green dot they has on them.

 Our Rooster Violet still putting on a show for us.

 The Chinese Witch Hazel.
 The Rosemary has delicate purple blooms.

 Some itty bitty tiny white wildflowers.

 The forsythia, it is even starting to get leaves.

 The red maple, doesn't it look pretty.

 The Carolina Jessamine.  It has tons of blooms on it so it should be a mass of blooms soon. All these pictures were taking January 27, 2012.  ~AFSS


  1. Awwww such pretty blooms!! We think the snowflakes are so delicate and pretty!!

    Can't wait to see the jessamine all lovely with tons of blooms!! Take care

  2. Has Mother Nature decided to skip winter this year? We can't wait for Phil's report - we have had days on end of 60 degree plus temps. Everything is trying to pop out as if it were spring here too. But a real cold snap or snow, as much as we want some, would really ruin everything. Yikes, what is happening?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. I just love visiting your garden, it makes me feel like I can always get a bit of spring in the middle of the winter! Thank you for helping me spread the meows about the generous fundraising program at Renees Garden.


    Your pal in gardening, Jonesie

  4. Wow, you really do have a lot of things beginning to bloom. We have some daffodils trying to bloom. We just love Spring but it is a little early for it. Everyone have a special day.

  5. Things are looking good aleady! Come on Spring!!!

  6. Oh how Lovely. I have some dandy lions blooming. hehehe

  7. We are way ahead of the calendar too but not as much as you - just lovely!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  8. Oh everything looks so gorgeous!

  9. Your garden is looking very pretty with all the Spring flowers and buds.

  10. Wow! Things are blooming already! We've never seen flowers on rosemary before!

  11. It is so nice ta see stuff bloomin! We are just getting our first crocuses...

  12. So many pretty flowers. :)


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