Arty Got an Award

Our work was so impressive and so many people LOVED it that all the cast and crew were honored with awards, you can read more here. Kielle Bus and Ernie were the two top winners.

Kjelle Bus is a pleasure to work with he is such a shy sensitive mancat and that accent. Well............... lets just say I adore accents.

Ernie, is a long time friend and I really enjoy his personality. Even when he isn't covered in Salmon. He usually keeps us MOL around our place.

My adoring public may follow me on Facebook here. ~Artemisia


  1. Ever neat! What a beautiful award. Well deserved, too!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What a cool award, we love the badge
    Benny & Lily

  4. That's a bootiful award I have ever seen in life !
    Big Concats to you Arty : )

  5. We'll be displaying our award proudly too, Arty!

  6. Hi there !
    The award that Katie and Glogirly made for us Real housecat´s it´s soo botiful and we all deserve it equal !
    Thanks´fur LOVING my accent :)

    xoxo from Prince Kjelle Bus of Sweden ;-)


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