Sweet Sagira Saturday

Part two of my post about Sagira's Valentine Day Present to me. You can read part one here.

I spent hours with my heart just mooning over it.

And making sure no one stole it.


It was so purrty I wanted to save it forever.

But it smelt good to, it smelt like something yummy to eat.

So I decided to lick it. I licked it for hours and hours.

Then I put it in my mouth and held it for awhile.

Mommy thought it was CUTE.
She thinks everything I do is cute.

It is OK if you wants to squee over my paws.

Mommy does it all the time.

Stay tuned for part three where I actually eats it. ~Fenris


  1. Me and Charlie are squeeeeeing at the sight of your beautiful paws and utterly adorable eyes!! You are one handsome woofie and Sagira is one lucky lady!! Yay!! Enjoy your heart! Take care

  2. You really did love it - didn't you?

    You have the most BEAUTIFUL, soulful eyes. How could anyone resist you?

    Love and licks, Winnie

  3. Fenris... I know just how you feel about your special pressie from your Girrrrrl. I STILL am working on my Duck and Sweet Potato snacks that Ruby and Penny sent to Me fur Christmas!!
    A guy has to SAVOR this stuffs and YOU are doing a super job of it buddy!!

  4. Yes, you are always a cutie Fenris!!!

  5. Awe, you are keeping it close by, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  6. So furry furry furry handsome!


  7. Wow, you sure did savor that treat. haha. :)


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