Thursday in the Garden & Greenhouse

The Buttercup is cheering us up, it has been overcast and dreary here.

The Bougainvillaea blooms make up happy, but did you know it has thorns, if you looks carefully you may sees them. The bad plant stuck Mommy.
Our Garlic, it is huge.
OK, we are off to the flower beds. The Chives are doing good here.

The Honeysuckle Mommy whacked off, it is coming back nicely.

And the Carolina Jasmine has us smiling from ear to ear.

We can't wait till our Hummingbird Cottage is covered in vines. Now it is time for us to make our report to The Society of Feline Gardeners want you join us over at Jonesie's.

~AFSS, Reporting


  1. Great garden post! We can't imagine how good it will be this summer. That garlic is HUGE. What you need now is a little catnip growin in that garden. MOL!

  2. Oooh watch out for the thorns!!

    Awww but the blooms are gorgeous and your garlic IS huge! LOL! Take care

  3. Everything is looking so good and healthy, Arty. We are going to hit 70 today!!! Our hyacinths and tulips and daffodils will all be blooming soon, but it is SOOOOO early.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Your garden looks so pretty. We still have the white stuff here.

  5. Gorgeous garden fur sure!

  6. Your garden looks like it is doing so well. We can't wait until we have a garden started but it is a bit early here.

  7. We are so glad the honeysuckle survived! We have one that just wont grow even after 6 years. It just stays a couple puny tendrils. TBT better give a it a better spot!

  8. It's so nice to see the flowers and plants growing!!

  9. Beautiful post! And beautiful garden! xo

    ...we have some exciting news! better stop by quick!
    : O Katie & Glogirly

  10. Your garden has a lots of beautiful flowers, those flowers bloomed lovely :)

    Dog Shock Collar

  11. How pretty! You would have been proud of my mom. Her friend bought her a carnation on Valentine's day and it just died today. She kept it alive almost a month! That is a record for my momster.


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