Thursday in the Garden

This is a WEED. Mommy usually says bad words when she sees it but since it was growing next to the green house where she wouldn't step on it she didn't. It has pretty flowers but the leaves have nasty stickers.

The Red Hibiscus is blooming. It thinks it is fall cause Mommy left the greenhouse shut up and it got really hot then when she opened the greenhouse it cooled off and the hibiscus bloomed. Mommy smiled when she saw the blooms.

The cactus is blooming too. It has the prettiest bloom.

These weeds were growing around the septic system sprayers.  Daddy cut them down when he came home cause it was looking kinda swampy.
But they had pretty white blooms.

The yellow violets are pretty and cheerful. Daddy accidentally mowed them down, so we are glad we got the picture.

This wildflower was growing around the septic sprayers too. We will have to look up what it is as we kinda like it. Too bad it was surrounded by dollar weed which we DO NOT like.

Now we are going over to Jonesie's to make our report to The Society of Feline Gardeners.


  1. Oh my goodness - the cactus flower! Oh wow! That is the best! Wow - it's beautiful!!! Awwww that's made me and Charlie's day!! Yay for gorgeous cactus flower!! Take care

  2. We love your hibiscus and cactus flowers. Sometimes weeds do have pretty flowers.

    Spring sure has arrived early this year. We just hope we don't get a big freeze here so the trees and plants won't be damaged.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. The cactus flower is stunning!

    Our human loves wildflowers..."weeds," and yours were so pretty! Great ground cover. LOL.

  4. Wow! Look at all that greenery there! I hope ours does not all die because it got cold here again.

  5. So that's what it's called. Dollar weed. The nurseries here sell them in pots and Mommy got them once and put the pot in the garden. BIG MISTAKE.
    We love looking at the pretty flowers.

  6. You got some pretty weeds
    Benny & Lily

  7. Such pretty flowers! Even the weeds can be pretty!!

  8. oooh, we have those prickly weeds here, too. They are HARDY!


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