Thursday in the Garden

 I am so glad you could join me in our garden.  Are you ready for the tour. Please pay attention and don't chase the butterflies, bees or lizards. Ahem, now we can begin.

 We will start up at the house with the Azaleas for some reason they blooms after everyone else s including ours down at the pond. Daddy built this nice border around them so he could hopefully keep the weeds out and so he could put oak leaves around them. Hopefully this will help them to do better.

 OK, let's grab a quick drink out of the Drinkwell 360 before we proceed it is HOT out today.

 Our bougainvillea did so well last year Mommy bought another one. This one is a different color. We thinks it might be San Diego Red, but aren't 100% sure. Mommy didn't realize bougainvillea came in so many different colors. She would like to get a white and  a gold one too eventually.

 She has started putting the flowers in the greenhouse out.

 The Purple Heart.
 The Red Hibiscus.
 The new Bougainvillea.
 Mommy uses her wagon to drag everything around.

 The Sweet Broom. Mommy had to dig it back up because we got so much rain it was drowning and it likes arid soil, so that wasn't good at all. we thinks she got it up in time. She is going to see if a Indian Hawthorne might like to live there, they will tolerate moist soil better. She is going to dig a ditch to try to keep it from getting to much water when she plants it.

 The Wisteria
 Our favorite Azalea. Do you wonder why it is down here all by itself instead of up at the house with the others? Well the previous owners planted them in front of the house and they never bloomed cause Mommy had to keep cutting them back so we could see out the windows, Daddy chopped them down one day when Mommy was gone cause he didn't want them next to the house. She cried buckets cause she loves Azaleas. Well Azaleas are kinda hardy so they came back up so Daddy dug them up and moved them next to the driveway but he didn't think this one was going to live so he didn't plant it. Mommy wasn't strong enough to drag it all the way up to the house (he had them under the oak tree until he could plant them), this was as far as she could drag it. The joke is on Daddy cause now this one is bigger and blooms more then the ones by the driveway.

 Mommy finally looked this plant up in the wildflower book it is a Fetter-Bush in case you missed it when she FINALLY  got around to putting it's name in last Thursday's post.

This concludes our garden tour, please drop by Jonesie's to see what the other members of The Society of Feline Gardeners are up too.

But before you go for any of you who live nearby The Friends of the Jackson County Animal Shelter are having a fundraiser. April 13, from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM, BYOB  (Bring Your Own Brush) in Ocean Springs  will be doing a fundraiser.  Info below:

Please join us for a fun night of painting, all while supporting Jackson County animals in need! Tickets are $50.00, which includes a canvas and step-by-step guidance by an instructor. As the name implies, this event is BYOB.... bring a drink of choice :) Light finger foods will be provided. We hope to see you there - the animals are counting on it!  They are doing a surprise picture just for us to paint.


  1. YOu are so lucky to have a mummy with green fingers. May we pop round?

  2. Please do we would love a nice long visit with you.

  3. Oh beautiful Artemisia!! Me and Charlie love the story of mum dragging this poor Azalea all by herself and planting it where she couldn't drag it anymore and now it's thriving and looking ever so pretty! It's saying "thank you"!!! Awwwww!!

    Take care

  4. Wow, we think your giant azalea is amazing!!!

  5. Great tour Arty! Um...I had a hard time whapping Figaro...I mean telling Figaro to not chase the lizards and stuff....impossible! We had a bit of sunshine but now are getting rain again. When you visit our garden all you have to do is tilt your head to the sky to get a drink of water! Sigh.



    Pee ess...looking forward to working with my pal Scylla on RealCats!

  6. Impressive garden and a darn good tour Arty!

  7. Wow, what a terrific garden tour!

    We're very glad the azaleas survived your dad's chopping and transplanting. LOL.

    BTW, we really would like to taste the butterflies and lizards, never mind just chase them. :-P We'll pass on the bees, though!

  8. Me and mom just say WOW we LOVE your BIG Azalea !
    And of course the rest of the garden tour too :)

  9. Oh that was a marvelous garden tour. We are only just starting to get flowers around here.

  10. Bad blogger -it ate our comment. As we were saying, Mom loves azaleas too, but they don't do well here. Same with the bougainvillea - they would never survive the winter. All of yours are so nice.

    Arty, if we come along with you, we won't bother the bees and butterflies, but we can't promise anything about those lizards:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. You've got an amazing garden there, my friend. I love the colour of the azalea. It's beautiful. Thanks so much for showing us around.

  12. You guys sure do a great job on your garden and flowers. :)

  13. That was quite the garden tour. Your azaleas are beautiful!

  14. we needed your beautiful stroll today
    Benny & Lily

  15. this is very beautiful garden and the pet.

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