Tsarina Tuesday

Of course I will pose for you Mommy. I likes making you happy.

I thinks you can get a good picture of me here.

I will sit up real straight for you.

This flower bed is looking good, you are doing a good job taking care of it Mommy.

Here I'll stand next to the Artemisia aka Dusty Miller so everyone can see how it compliments my furs.

And we has something coming up in this corner Mommy. I thinks it might be one of the Cockscomb (Celosia) coming back.

Now I am going to spy on the geese for awhile if that is OK with you.

You wanna take more pictures, well OK, I will pose some more.

The Rooster Violet looks purrty with my furs, but.............

the sun is getting in my eyes. I think it is time to wrap things up. But before I go I wants to remind you that Today is the Day! Your Humans can Help Animals while they have a good time TONIGHT!!!

April 24 – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Fundraiser Reception / Silent Auction – 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Click on the picture to make bigger for more info contact Nancy East @ 228-276-7010 email nancy.east@hardrockbiloxi.com

  ~Arty Mouse


  1. Beautiful Artemisia! You are a super model kitty! And your wonderful garden blooms are looking superb too!! Yay! Please say hello to the geese family for us! Take care

  2. Oh Artemisia, you are just such a pretty girl! And you certainly know how to pose very well. Thanks for sharing Mom's beautiful gardens too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Artemisia you grow more and more beautiful with each passing day!!!

    your Prince,

  4. Oh Artemisia, those are such good pictures of you. You do sit up very straight and nice. And your furs look terrific next to all those pretty flowers. Take care.

  5. Are you ever a good model. BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Such pretty pics in your pretty garden Arty!

  7. Arty, you are so pretty! You posed so nicely for your Mommy. TJ is happy you leave the geese alone, Mommy says she was nipped by a goose once and it HURT.

  8. You look lovely! The Woman finally did some work on the pictures of you guys. She says she now knows what she wants to do but the challenge is doing it!

  9. Arty, you just have a way of looking like a delicate princess wherever you go!
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  10. You look so furry regal in that flower bed. Meow from your admirers!

  11. Artemisia you look furry Bootiful in your garden ~ ^..^


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