Tsarina Tuesday

  I am practicing being a lady of leisure.

 The purple sheets are very comfy they feels like silk.

They are something called Egyptian Cotton, Mommy got them on clearance (which explains how we wound up with purple sheets). Mommy is glad she got them she likes the color now that she has seen them on the bed, except it shows our cat hairs really bad.

Clearance means they were cheap.......................................I thinks they are luxurious. I guess my Mommy is clever to get luxurious sheets on clearance. I hope she gets some more.  ~Artemisia


  1. Those Royal Purple sheets look just purrfect for you kittehs!

  2. WE think those purple sheets are the best. What a smart Mom to get them on clearance. I bet they really comfy to take naps on. Take care and hope all of you have a great day.


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