Wandering Wednesday

Mommy & Daddy stopped by the Cheesecake Factory on their way to Old Point Loma. Alas the Cheesecake Factory had an hour wait so they choose not to eat there, but Mommy got a good look at this magnificent tree. She loved the red flowers blooming on it. Does anyone know it's name?

 Magnificent views of San Diego Bay.

Cabrillo National Monument - Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo stepped into history as the first European to set foot on what is now the West Coast of the United States. All he got for his trouble was this statue MOL!

 The Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

 It's a whale Dummy, can you believe that Mommy said Dinosaur when Daddy ask her if she knew what the bones belonged too!

Supposedly this was a good place for whale watching but Mommy & Daddy didn't see any, but then Mommy is blind as a bat.  This concludes Wandering Wednesday unless Mommy runs off again............ ~AFSS


  1. Oh that weird twisty tree is just lovely! What is it?!?! We love that it's all wonky and all over the place and with beautiful buds too!

    Awww those bones could have been dinosaur whale bones! Lol!

    Take care

  2. My first guess on the tree would be Harry Lauder's Walking Stick, but the flowers are wrong.

    Why did you mention The Cheesecake Factory? I'll be thinking about cheesecake all day now!

  3. OH that wild twisted tree is beautiful. So are all the pics, of course, butt you know how I love the UNUSUAL plants and stuffs.

  4. Wonderful adventure! *sigh* I feel more relaxed just looking at the pics!

  5. The San Diego Bay looks beautiful!!!

  6. Wow, what pretty pictures. Must be amazing in real life. :)


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