Fenris Friday

 I got a new collar it has my name and phone number embroidered on it and it is BLUE to match my eyes.

 I have tried my best to pick up Arty Mouse's scent but I couldn't find the trail.

 Mommy says I moves to fast for the camera sometimes.

I guesses she is right. ~Fenris


  1. We know you are trying hard to find your sissy, Mr Fenris. Keep up the good work!

    Has yore mom bean made lots of sines wif her piksher on them? Has she called all the v.e.t. offices?

    I'm sure Miss Arty is trying to get home to you, she's prolly reely scared.

    We are purring and wishing and hoping for Miss Arty Mouse to come home to you soon.

    Lots of hugs & purrs,
    Finny, Buddy & Jazzy

  2. We think your new collar with phone number is a good idea.

    My sister's polydactyl cat re-appeared after being gone a month. We keep purrs going for Arty Mouse...

  3. Oh Fenris,We sure wish you could pick up Arty's trail. We like your new collar. Blue is our favorite color. Have a wonderful weekend.


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