Frankie Friday

Heehee I fooled you, you thought today was Fenris Friday but nope today we are honoring my good friend Frankie. He does a lot for us dogs on the blogosphere not only in his official capacity as mayor but as a good friend. It was my good friend Frankie that introduced me to the beautiful blue-eyed girl Sagira who has capture my heart.

Thanks for all you do Frankie. ~Fenris (Fenny) & The Cats

PS: As most of you know Mommy does our post in advance so we have post for a couple of weeks already in the works. Arty is still missing.  Please cross paws that she is safe and that she will come home SOON!!!! I miss having someone to play with. ~Fenny


  1. Very nice to meet your friend , Frankie !

  2. Awww sweet Fenris!! Me and Charlie are waving to your good pal Frankie! Yay! p.s. continued purrs and hugs for Artemisia's return! Take care

  3. We came by to leave tons and tons of purrs and prayers that Arty Mouse comes home. We have had kitties wander off. One came home after three months. So don't give up. Take care.

  4. FURST... I want to say that I have my paws crossed that Arty Mouse will come home safe and sound.

    NOW.. Fenris.. You surely did fool me with this post. THANK YOU my furend.

  5. We came by to say we're still purring and purraying that Arty will come home safe and sound SOON.

    Lots of hugs from the mom and kitty kisses from us.

  6. Hey Fenny!
    Wow, I'm so sorry that sweet Arty Mouse hasn't wandered home yet! I am sending some GPS vibes to her so she can find her way back. Loving thoughts to your whole pack.
    Gosh, this is such a great day for Frankie! Thanks for joining in with us to celebrate with him.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge A Licious

  7. I just read about Artie! I am praying she comes home soon! I once had a cat who was missing for 2 months and then returned home as if nothing happened.
    Our paws are crossed!

    Pip & Mom

  8. We just read about Arty taking a walkabout over on Casper's blog. We are so very sorry and are sending lots of purrs.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  9. Dear Arty: Get yer Butt home, NOW!

    Oh, and please be safe on yer misguided Walk-a-bout!

    Your friends, Nikita & Elvira

  10. We are purring as loudly as we can for Artemisia. Please baby-girl, come home!!!
    Comforting hugs for Arty-mommy.

  11. Hello Frankie! And we are purring hard for Arty!

  12. Hi Frankie! :waves paws:

    We are purring non-stop for Arty's safe return. xx

  13. We came over first thing this morning to check on Arty, hoping for good news. We are still hopeful.

    Thanks for reminding us about Frankie Day.

  14. Fenwis
    I'm sowwy I haven't visited fow so long
    Mommi has been a tewwibull secwetawy since we moved
    but peez know i love you and send you my love fow Fenwis Fwieday and celebwate wif you fow Fwankie's special day
    smoochie kisses


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