Mancat Monday

 I just love roses. These smell really good.

 My sister Arty likes them too.

 I am sitting in the shade where it is cool, we already have HOT weather here.

 The Hummingbirds are enjoying the Gaura aka Whirling Butterflies,

and the Gold Flame Honeysuckle. ~Socks


  1. We just LOVE those rocks plastered against the framed beds. We keep tellin TBT ta do that, but he is nervous about it.

  2. Yay for hot weather and hummingbirds!! Awww your roses are gorgeous lovely Socks and Artemisia! Enjoy! Take care

  3. My peep has a gaura plant or two but she has never heard the common name Whirling Butterflies for it, before. She says, SHE LOVES IT! She says, what a pretty name.

  4. Your roses are so pretty, Socks. We don't have much luck with roses either although right now our knockout roses are all in bloom. You can even see them on today's post about a naughty pup.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. They look like lovely roses to sniff!

  6. Socks, we're wondering if your hummingbirds are rude like ours. Do they dive bomb you?

  7. Those roses sure are pretty. :)

  8. We are already having hot weather here today too

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