Thursday in the Garden with Socks and Arty

The zinnias came back up and are blooming.

The Goldflame Honeysuckle.

Socks is busy making sure no varmints get in our flowerbeds.

The white rose is blooming.

Doesn't the Gaura look lovely?

Socks is happy the Candy Corn Cuphea and Veronica did so well.

And look how pretty this rose Socks is sitting by is.  It smells divine.

The Bottlebrush is getting bigger and looks gorgeous when it blooms.

Mommy got an Indian Hawthorne (pink). after she planted it we got tons of rain and it was in danger of drowning so...................

Mommy dug a ditch to help it to drain.

She had to do the same thing for this Camilla.

The Chinese Witch Hazel is doing good.

I am resting here in the shade because it is hot out.

Socks is going to come sit by me. Digging ditches is hard work.


Socks is very kind about allowing me to set under the bush with him, if I ask nicely. I am just going to rest a second before we head over to Jonesie's.

It is time for the Society of Feline Gardeners to meet, do come with us. ~Arty Mouse


  1. Your plants are coming along so nicely! Looks like Socks has done a lot of snoopervision in the beds this week. Happy Thursday, furriends. xoxo

  2. Mom loves that witch hazel. All the flowers are so pretty and doing so well. You are great gardening helpers, not like us. But if you need help with digging those ditches, we are pros at that.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Aww beautiful Artemisia! Lovely to see you out and about with gorgeous Socks!! Your garden is looking amazing! The Gaura is totally lovely!

    Take care

  4. Your garden posts are always a joy to see. We considering ourselves lucky to have temps in the low 60s's been freezing otherwise, a very cold April. Maybe now that it's warming up a bit we'll get some pretty blooms too!

  5. Ooohhh... honeysuckle. You know what you're gonna have next, right? Hummers! Lucky you! purrs

  6. So Lovely. HEY GUESS WHAT??? MY hummingbirds are starting to arrive!!!

  7. What a lovely garden! You two have been so busy snoopervising! How does your mommy keep you from, ummm, using the ditches?

  8. Ah I love looking at gardens. I can't wait to have one!

  9. Such a gorgeous garden and countryside you have! Socks is a great snoopervisor and Arty, you're just as pretty as a southern belle. I keep expecting you to take out a pretty fan to cool your beautiful face. hehe!
    ; ) Katie

  10. Your garden sure is looking good. Love seeing all those pretty flowers and you two kitties help with the digging of those ditches. Artie, that is so nice of you to keep Socks company. Hope all of you have a great day.

  11. Those flowers are all lovely. We are gettin the first of the Spring flowers bloomin now. It was good ta see Socks out there this time with you, Arty! Snoopervisin the ditch-diggin must have been tiring.

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  13. All your flowers are so pretty. I am jealous. The gophers ate most of my flowers. Hey, Socks, will you come over and chase my gophers away?


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