Words on Wednesday

 The verbena in bloom.

 We thinks this is a Trumpet Vine but we are not 100% sure. Mommy dug this one up from under a Trumpet Vine, we has some that we know for sure are Trumpet Vines because Mommy grew them from seeds. We can't wait until they bloom.

 The Chinese Witch Hazel.

 Gold Flame Honeysuckle.

 Coral Honeysuckle, the Hummingbirds really like it.


 Don't worry we has more flowers to show you tomorrow. ~AFSS


  1. Me and Charlie can't wait to see if it is a Trumpet vine or not! How exciting! take care

  2. Our clematis is in bloom too. All your flowers look so pretty against that white latticework.

    We love seeing your flowers, and there is never an end to what you have to share. Keep 'em coming.

    Woos- Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Your garden looks very pretty. It's too early here yet for honeysuckle but I can't wait for mine to bloom. HONEYSUCKLE = HUMMINGBIRDS. Yoo-hoo!

  4. You always have such great flowers!

  5. Lovely flowers!

    Artemisia it is prince Casper's birthday today, I hope you can pop by and see him :-)

  6. You always have the prettiest flowers. :)

  7. We love your flowers! And we can't wait to see more!!

  8. We like that purple color
    Benny & Lily


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