Honoring Sadie's Memory

Sadie from Beaded Tail left for the Rainbow Bridge.

Her Mom said this
 Sadie was always happy so wouldn't want us to be sad so do something this Sadieday to make someone smile in her honor.  

We thinks that is a lovely way to remember someone you love. So we will do something to make someone smile to honor Sadie.


  1. We are hoping evFURRYone will have a Sadieday Stroll in her honor!


  2. Thank you for honoring our Sadie this way. She had a wonderful smile and we know she'd loved for people to share smiles on Sadieday! (That means Caturday to us cats.)

    Angel, Isabella and mom Sharla

  3. Count us in for the Sadieday Stroll Fenris loves to go for a stroll and since Mommy has been walking him on his leash us cats can tag along.

    We will certainly do something to honor Sadie tomorrow.

  4. We thought it a good idea ta sit on TBT in bed.

  5. Sadie's family must be very pleased with the graphic and post you made for her. It's sad she had to leave.

  6. What a beautiful graphic to remember Sadie. We will miss her very much.


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