Scylla Sunday

I just love the red roses they smells so good.

And the red mums make me smile. The will be gone soon because it is getting too hot for them.

This flowerbed is like a jungle, there is so much in there.

Roses are so romantic. Brian do you want to come sit in the Hummingbird Cottage with me.

The blue Plumbago is one of our favorites.

The Hummingbirds like the Coral Honeysuckle.

And our Shasta Daisies bloomed this year.

I am so glad they finally decided to bloom. We planted them as seeds last spring.

Do you see the baby lime?

I am helping Mommy water the plants.

The Cuphea is so pretty we just loves it.

The Lantana is blooming too. Mommy really has to weed the flower bed it is in, there are oak trees trying to grow in there.

I do not know why Mommy took this picture.

Ah the Bottlebrush full of blooms, I thinks I will nap under it, would you like to join me? ~Scylla


  1. Woof! Woof! Your garden is looking great. Lots of wonderful flowers blooming. Golden Thanks for sharing. Our weekend post is about Protea flowers, check it out. Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

  2. You have so many wonderful flowers blooming. We are still purring for Arty Mouse to come home.

    Herman, Spyro and Oja

  3. Great looking garden you have !

  4. Those are such pretty flowers and you have so very many of them. Our Mom is so jealous.
    We are still sending tons and tons of purrs and prayers to Arty Mouse that she comes home soon. Arty Mouse we all miss you and want you home and we know that Mom does too.

  5. Scylla, your flowers are so pretty! We hope Arty comes homes soon so she can help you water the plants too.

  6. Oh Scylla, how beautifully your garden is growing!!! All the flowers are beautiful but today the bottle brush and the red mums really caught Mom's eye.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Oh Scylla! Yes indeed I would LOVE to lie under the Bottlebrush bush with you. I'll transport over in a few minutes. Fanks you. xoxoxo

  8. Very pretty Scylla, just like you!

  9. Such a lovely garden and so many places to have a wonderful fragrant nap! We are so worried about Arty Mouse.

  10. We have never seen Spring mums before! Ours are Fall-only. And yes, we will join you unner the bottlebrush plant.

  11. Your garden is lovely and so many colours. I could see you were a great help to your mum.. I am still sending vibes out to Arty mouse.. I hope she hears them soon... Hugs GJ xx

  12. Oh that looks like a lovely place to nap.

  13. Oh your garden is truly a paradise gorgeous Scylla!! Thanks for sharing these fab pics!

    We continue to pray for Arty's safe return! Take care

  14. Scylla we think your garden is furry heavenly!

  15. we like when they smell spicy too
    Benny & Lily


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