Scylla Sunday

 I am helping Mommy water the plants, that coupled with my diet cat food should help me get my girlish figure back.

I wants to assure you that Mommy LOVES me no matter how I look, but I needs to lose weight to be healthy and happy. I had gained so much weight I was getting clumsy and was unable to jump and  climb like I used to and (this is embarrassing)  I was having trouble grooming myself.

First we tried Hills Science Diet because my vet sells it. The only problem is I wouldn't eat it. Socks and Arty enjoyed it though. But then they don't need to lose weight.

Next we tried Iams® ProActive Health™ Adult Indoor™ Weight & Hairball Care, and guess what I actually like it.

Easily digested Iams ProActive Weight & Hairball Care is formulated to meet the unique needs of indoor cats. It's made with 10% less fat than Original formulas. Fewer calories in combination with fat-burning L-Carnitine, and a special blend of carbohydrates that keep pets feeling full, enables heavy cats to gradually return to a healthier weight. Whole grains, beets and rice support a healthy digestive system, and help reduce hairballs and litter-box odors.

Mommy loves the fact that I am more active then I have been in a long time. I also seem happier and spend more time with my family instead of sleeping in the Master Bedroom. Mommy says it looks as if I have lost weight but we won't know for sure until I go to the vet and get weighed, paws crossed the scales have shown some weight loss. Cats should not lose more than 1% to 1.5% of initial weight per week., so losing all the weight I need to will be a slow process. We don't want to risk other health problems by restricting my diet too much.

Mommy has never had an overweight cat before so this is a learning experience for us. We suspect that part of the problem is genetic in that I probably have the genes to be a large cat and that I got depressed after Charybdis died and was less active then usual. The pounds just gradually added up and I went from being a slightly overweight cat to being an obese cat that spent most of her time sleeping in the Master Bedroom. Mommy is so happy I am playing more and coming out of the bedroom to spend time wherever the parents are. Arty's disappearance created a setback as Socks will not play with me and I do not like to play by myself.

Socks was the week 5 feline winner  of Iams Play Young Stay Young Contest so he will be eating Iams too.  He is going to be eating Iams® ProActive Health™ Senior Plus.

And we were very happy to discover that our local PetSmart is now carrying Eukanuba. Fenris is getting to enjoy it as we had a coupon for a free bag. Eukanuba is kinda out of our price range, but Fenris really enjoyed it when he took the Eukanuba 28-Day Mommy was happy she could get him another bag.


Please drop by Brian's and see if you can help Camila find a home. Even if you can't adopt her or foster her if you can share maybe the right person will see Camila and come forward.


  1. So happy you are getting out of the master bedroom more, Scylla! You've had several setbacks and are doing well. Great post! We are still purring fur Arty. xoxo

  2. Scylla, you are a beautiful girl indeed, just the way you are but I would love to learn that you are feeling more energetic and playing more with your mom and dad as you lose a little bit of weight. Love and hugs sweet girl. xoxox

  3. Thank you everyone. Mommy wonders if maybe I had a L-Carnitine deficiency because once she started buying catfood with L-Carnitine in it I got more active. I am doing stuffs I haven't done in ages. Yesterday I even tried to climb a tree, jut for fun. ~Scylla

  4. We are glad the losing weight seems to be going well. Of course your mommy will love you no matter what you weigh, but we're glad she's helping you become healthier!

    Do you like to play with the laser pointer or fishing pole toys? We like those and they are good exercise, too :) Maybe your mommy will play with you with some of those kind of toys. It will give you a chance to bond with your mommy even more, which is so great!

    Please keep us updated on how the weight-loss process is going.

    Purrs to you!

  5. I think you are as beautiful as ever sweet Scylla! Hey, I'll come over and we can run around and around the butterfly bush, just for exercise! Thanks for the shout out about Camila, a sweet one she is fur sure.

  6. Hi Scylla! Good luck on our diet!

  7. Glad that your weightlos is going in the right direction , Scylla !
    Who doesn´t want to be able to climb treas ??!!

  8. Scylla, some of us are getting a little "pudgy" too. Mommy is srsly thinking of cutting out kibble again!

  9. Daddy likes to play with the laser light with us, and I will play with it for awhile. It is more fun when lots of us are chasing the light.

    Katnip Lounge my food has something in it to help me fill full so I don't ask for more food. Mommy says that is nice cause I screams @ her when I am hungry. ~Scylla

  10. you sure are a big help
    Benny & Lily

  11. Good luck Scylla on losing weight. Mom Paula is trying to transition us to adult cat food.

  12. We have a couple rotund kitties here too. The mom is trying one of those all meat, no fillers foods to see if we would need to eat less. Its too early to tell yet.

  13. We hope you have a successful weight loss, Scylla! We are glad to hear you are more active and enjoying yourself.

  14. As one "pleasing plump" kitty to another, Scylla, I unnerstand what you are going through... ~ Iza


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