Mancat Monday

 The pink Angel Trumpet is blooming, it reminds me of my sweet angel MoMo.

 The Cape Honeysuckle is attracting lots of hummingbirds.

 For some reason I have taken a liking to the Candy Corn Cuphea. I keeps eating it.

 The garlic is blooming, to our amazement the hummingbirds have even visited it. We didn't know they liked garlic.

 The Shasta Daisy.
 This is growing in Daddy's Wildflower Bed. We don't know it's name but is is lovely and very delicate.

 The Mockingbirds are giving me a hard time. They dive bomb me and squawk at me a lot.

 Our Maypop is blooming. Such a nice shade of purple.

 The asters are putting on a show. Usually they don't bloom till fall, but they have decided to bloom early this year. I ain't complaining, I loves them.

 I am going to spend the day admiring the flowers and thinking of my lovely MoMo. I will never forget her. She filled my life with adventure and fun.

 The Charybdis bed is looking nice.

 Purple Lantana.

 The white hibiscus.

 For some reason some of the Chinese Hibiscus did not come back this year. And the Texas Hibiscus didn't return so it is gone.

 Rabbits..........................I see rabbits!!!!!!!

 I agreed to pose for Mommy. First Socks in the grass and then ..............................

Socks in the flowerbed. I hope she is happy cause I am ready to take a nap. ~Socks

PS: Butters is still looking for a home.


  1. You have sooo many nice flowers in your garden !
    I would have loved to stroll around there !

  2. Lovely garden and Socks is really in his element. Great portraits of him. I have his framed photo which used to be in MoMo's house on my desk now.

    Thinking of Arty on her birthday and praying for her safe return.

  3. Wow, look at all those gorgeous flowers. That must take a lot of work to keep them all healthy. We love the idea of the wildflower garden. Some wildflowers are really pretty. Sending many more purrs for Arty Mouse to come home.

  4. Glad that your hummingbirds are enjoying the Bounty. We have a mom dad and THREE babies around our feeder all the time now.

  5. What a gorgeous garden you have.
    We're still purring for Arty Mouse...we think about her so often. xo
    Katie & Glogirly

  6. Lovely pose, Socks. All the flowers are so pretty. We don't know how you keep track of all their names.

  7. What a lovely garden...spend your morning napping among the posies!

    We are still hoping to see Arty in the flowers, too...

  8. Get your nap in Socks, you have earned it!

  9. lovely post...I want to come over and lay in the grass with you and the flowers!

    ((((hugs)))) about MoMo

  10. Socks, we have kamikaze mockers too...they are a menace.

  11. Is it ok to eat that flower? We love your white hibiscus!

  12. Your flowers are beautiful. Mom's never seen a white hibiscus before!!

    We're still sending "Go Home" vibes to Arty.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  13. Hummingbirds like garlic!? Oh wow - not that's so amazing! Awww lovely Socks! Sweet MoMo is watching over you as you admire your beautiful garden! Take care

  14. You sure have lots of nice flowers right now! TBT is outside evryday just trying ta keep OURS alive until it starts rainin again (which we are beginnin ta think will be in September)!

  15. What beautiful flowers. :)

  16. You guys look so adorable in the garden
    Benny & Lily

  17. Looks like a Garden Thursday report!

  18. Thanks for showing us all those pretty flowers, Socks! We hope you got to chase a rabbit!


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