Thursday in the Garden by Scylla

The Bougainvillea, Mommy likes the way it is growing up the wall of the house.

We thinks this is called a Tiger Lily. Grandma gave it to us a long time ago at Easter.

The Angel Trumpet this is the pink one.

The Lobelia for some reason it died. But it sure did look purrty here.

I am relaxing in the Hummingbird Cottage, you are welcome to come relax with me.

The Vitex is blooming
The Lamiastrum, we has two different varieties Herman's Pride and Golden Globe. We really don't see why people thinks it is invasive. It hasn't shown any signs of leaving the bed Mommy planted it in and it takes forever to fill up the bed it is in. Maybe it just gets too cold in the winter here cause it dies off then and comes back when the weather is warmer.

I just loves this purple flower in the Charybdis Bed, we can't remember it's name.

It looks pretty with the Dusty Miller.

I am headed to the meeting of the Society of Feline Gardeners, do join me. Hi Jonesie. ~Scylla


  1. Scylla, when you get to the Society of Feline Gardeners meeting we'll take a moment and join paws and purr for Arty.

    xoxo Jonesie

  2. Hello beautiful Scylla! I will come relax with you!

  3. Oh sweet Scylla! The tiger lily is gorgeous - it's a stunning bloom!! We are sorry about your lobelia!! But the rest of your garden is lovely!

    Take care

  4. Oh that is lovely. And I like Cory's idea. Perhaps I will even come to the gardener's society.

  5. If you are having a hot summer, the heat will kill lobelia. It needs partial shade in intense heat.

    Your garden is lovely, Scylla. You are obviously doing a good job snoopervising.

  6. Oh Cat!!! Scylla!! you have the MOST gorgeous garden!!! My Mom would love hanging out in it. But, Dad, well, not so much. For some reason, Dad totally hates anything to do with garden work...sigh...peeEss Scylla, how's the errrr...ummmm..ya know...the ahhhh weight loss comin' along??? I am rooting for you efurryday!!!

  7. Scylla
    What a beautiful garden we always love visiting!!


  8. Looks so nice and relaxing there. :)

  9. We would love to hang out with you in the Hummingbird Cottage, Scylla.

  10. Oh that tiger Lily is so purrrty
    Benny & Lily

  11. We especially liked the Tiger Lily, cuz tigers are cats...

  12. Hiya Scylla!
    This is a wonderful garden you have! I would love to be able to relax with you over there. Charming!


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