Mancat Monday

Mexican Petunias in bloom they likes it when we get a lot of rain. They like wet feet.

Ginger Lilies, they smell divine.

The Rosemary is thriving, don't know if you can tell but it has little blue blooms on it.

And what you have been waiting for ME, I am sitting in the Butterfly Chair with Mommy there is plenty of room for us both.

I hears something.

Now I am going to try to sneak up on it.

Carefully stalking my prey.

Disappearing into the woods to investigate. See you later..............................................

Daddy's shop. It has Xs on the doors except for the middle one which has a t on it.

I thinks I may go up to the house to see if there is any food to snack on.

We mentioned how Scylla like to eat Fenris' food and someone asked why Mommy doesn't just put the amount Fenris eats at one time out. Well that would be ONE piece of kibble. See normally what he does is picks one piece of kibble out of his bowl carries it over to the rug and lays down and nibbles on it for awhile. His dog Mommy must have told him to chew his food 100 times or something. Thirty or so minutes latter he will mosey back over to his bowl and get another piece of kibble. The only time his routine varies is if me (yeah I eat the dog food too) or Scylla go over to his bowl. In which case he will stand up and bark at us, walk over to his bowl and start gobbling it up so we can't eat it.

Dogs shouldn't eat cat food cause we need more calories then dogs do so they would get fat. Cats shouldn't eat dog food because it doesn't have Taurine in it, which we need to live. But we likes to steal each others food around here. We never get more then a nibble before Mommy takes it away and makes us eat our own food.   ~Socks


  1. It's always a problem isn't it? BOL - it wouldn't be any fun having furry friends if it was easy all the time.


  2. Handsome Socks!!! Did ya get your prey!!?? Yay for you!! Awwww your blooms are lovely! Take care

  3. Wow, dat kitteh is so bee-u-tee-fuls. I is so jealous. Have a furfect day :-)

    Your Furiend Phoenix

  4. You sure look like you were having fun hunting! Keep safe from the hurricwne and please let us know when all is okay.

  5. We're purring that Issac stays far away from you.

    We eat each other's foods too. Mom keeps our cat food on a chair but we often drop it on the floor and the woofies grab it.

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Hiya Socks!
    We kind of drive the humans crazy at home too here with three different diets right now :-/ But we all like to eat one another's diet!

    Did you catch something in the wild?


  7. Be safe hunting. You need to get back if there is that big storm coming towards you!

  8. Great day in the garden. Our Mommy likes those Mexican petunias. They are so pretty. We bet that ginger and rosemary smell nice, too. Have a purrfect Monday, furriends.

  9. We love your ginger lily. Your yard is so green!

    Fenris is like a collie mix we had when I was young. She never was too interested in her food until another dog showed up :)

  10. Hope you found some treats at the house
    Benny & Lily

  11. Guess Fenris prefers to eat with competition. He would starve around here. Merci is small so she finishes first. No matter how small the pieces, Sam likes to eat one piece at a time. Buddy scarfs his down and rushes to "help" Sam, so Jan has to stand guard or Sam would starve.

  12. Socks, you have a beautiful garden to watch over. We admit that we like dog bone treats!

  13. Socks will you please send Fenris over so he can teach Dakota how to SLOW DOWN when he eats?

    Fenris is one polite doggy!
    Love, Cody

  14. What a great yard you have, and a butterfly chair! how cool!!
    Stealing each other's food.. that's just normal sibling stuff, MOL, Star and Leo do it and they get the exact same thing!

  15. The butterfly chair is cute and you have some very beauitful flowers ;) Have a beauitful day!

  16. We like how you know you letters, Socks!

  17. That stalking was excellent and we like the way you eat nice and slow...

  18. Fenris, we have that in common. I don't rush and eat my food either. I have to keep this girly figure and all :)

  19. phewww...don't have to doggie food in this house...Savannah


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