Wildlife Wednesday & World Cat Day 2012

Hummer in flight, sorry it is kinda blurry those things move fast.

They don't even slow down to feed.

It has come to our attention that TODAY IS WORLD CAT DAY!!!! Mitalee from Critters in the Cottage is the Mascot this year.

So we are going to share our favorite pictures of US CATS for 2012




Artemisia & Scylla

Charybdis 2007


  1. These are great hummingbird pics - they are truly fast!! Yay!

    Aww happy happy World Cat Day!!

    Me and Charlie continue to pray for Arty's safe return! Take care

  2. We've only seen hummingbirds a couple of times, they're amazing!

    Happy World Cat Day, and continued purrs for Artemisia.

  3. Happy World Cat Day friends!!!!

  4. Happy World Cat Day!!!! Awesome pictures!

  5. We miss Arty Mouse. One doesn't realize how small she is until you see her next to Scylla in the picture.

    Purrs for all kitties on World Cat Day!

  6. Happy World Cat Day everyone!

  7. awwww...such wonderful photos! but then the subjects are so fab!! paw pats, Savannah

  8. We wuz those humming birds. You look great in your favorite photos! Happy World Cat Day!

    We always purr Arty will come home safe. We remember when Pungy fell out the window. Mumsy was worried sick till she came home. And we got purrs for Artemisia.

    Hugs and wuz to all you guys.

  9. Great hummingbird pics! They are our favourite and this year we have planted all kinds of plants to attract them :)
    Great pics of the cats.
    Happy World Cat Day!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  10. What nice photos.

    Sure hope you didn't get in too much trouble over the pizza.

  11. Happy World Cat Day!!! Arty come home!!!!!!

  12. Happy World Cat Day! Love all the pictures!

  13. Happy World Cat Day! We love those shots :-)


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