Fenris Friday

OK a long time ago ........................We told you about Daddy's project (Socks was laying on the plans). It is a cedar planter that covers the septic stuffs. Daddy finished the planter ages ago, but it took Mommy this long to get flowers for it. We has a dwarf Washington Hawthorne (white blooms), some yellow and pink mums, purple something or another that we forgot the name of and Cat Whiskers

Ours is a pretty lavender color.

Don't know if you can tell from the picture, but the top of the planter has hinges and handles so you can lift it up and put the chlorine tablets in when you needs too.  Mommy will be getting more flowers to fill it in eventually.

I likes my Jungle Gym the best. I hangs out on the bottom floor a lot.

The boy beans and Mommy hang out on the top floor sometimes to read. It is shady up there. Every once in awhile the cats join them.

My Jungle Gym is next to the Sycamore Tree, it provides a nice shade and I have dug me out a basement underneath the first floor. I gets there when it is really hot.

Mommy got me a new water bowl. It gets algae growing in it a lot so Mommy is constantly cleaning it.

But at least she doesn't have to worry about me running out of water. This week I got to eat Eukanuba Naturally Wild New Zealand Venison & Potato  boy is it yummy. I just loves it. ~Your pal, Fenris


  1. Hi Fenris -looks like a really neat water bowl. Can it dispense cheez as well?

    licks & slobberz

    p.s. mum gets a bottle from the garden centre that she pours into the water tanks and fountain that keeps moss from growing and is harmless to animals. Maybe it would work on your new bowl.

  2. Sounds as if it would. We will have to look for it. A cheese dispenser would be so cool Islay, I loves cheese. ~Fenris

  3. I like your jungle gym - it is like you have your own private house!


  4. ::twitch:: Did someone say cheese dispenser?

    Fenris, you look very happy with your new water bowl and Jonesie is quite impressed with your garden.

  5. That is pne cool water jug handsome one!

  6. OMG! What a beautiful place!!!!!

  7. That is a wonderful jungle gym!

    I laughed at the digging. My sister has two dogs that dug holes under her storage shed. They stick their heads under it to look for rabbits!

  8. Thats a lovely planter your dad made and I love your gym.. Hugs GJ xx

  9. wow Fenris! That's pretty cool! You get to eat outside! May I come and join you?
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  10. Your Dad did a great job on that project, Fenris. And now Mom can make it look extra special with her pretty blooms.

    We used to have a jungle gym, but Mom sold it this summer. Then there was a big old dirt spot left. So now some guys came and fixed it all up and planted grass seed. Then do you know what happened???? Mom put up a big fence that keeps us out of about 2/3 of the yard, something about new grass and 16 paws. Bummer.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Fenris, we LIKE yucky water...more flavorful!

  12. Oh my!! What a great way to cover up the septic things! Yay!!

    Handsome Fenris! Enjoy your gym!! Take care

  13. Nice buildings you all have in your yard - for plants and you!

    Thanks for coming to our party!

    cats of wildcat woods

  14. Hi Fenris, that is some backyard you have there!!

    BTW I’m Austin who spent time with The Tsarina Artemesia in the Real Housecats House. She’s one classy lady! >^,,^<

  15. OMD Fenris... That planter thingy is super.. no one would ever guess there was somethingy.. hiding under there... AND speaking of Hiding... do you HIDE in the jungle gym basement that you dug???
    THIS was a very much exciting post.

  16. We have one of those big water bowls to. :)


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