Saturday Slumber

Mommy says I kinda blend into the rocks and the picture looks hazy and out of focus. She played around with it trying to improve the quality but she says she LOVES my smile, in all of them. Which version do you like best. ~Socks


Colored Pencil




  1. We do too. In truth, our human's middle-aged eyes can barely make out the charcoal one! LOL!

  2. We love any picture that has a kitty in it, so it is a tie!!

  3. You're great on all of them but I like the charcoal version better!

  4. Charcoal! I love you blend in to the rocks, that is so neat to see!

  5. Colored pencil is really cool!

  6. Socks! I love the contrast!! Your smile is so cute, too!!
    Purrrs from Samantha


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