Scylla Sunday

I have discovered a new sleeping spot. Mommy didn't use the recliner when Arty was here because Arty liked to get under her chair. Mommy was afraid Arty would get hurt when the recliner was opened or closed so Mom didn't allow anyone to use the recliners (the couch reclines too). But since Arty is missing and Mommy needed to prop her foot up because she hurt it she let the recliner out. And now that I have lost weight I can lay on it without it moving on me. I really like sleeping on it. I did a lot of this when that stupid Isaac was here. All it did was sure was boring. Hopefully now we can start going back outside.

Since today is Scylla Sunday I am also in charge of wishing Grandpa a Happy Birthday!

 Happy Birthday Grandpa Wayne!


  1. That is a perfect sleeping spot! Have a great Sunday!

  2. Scylla, this is a wonderful spot! I wish my human had such things under the chairs and couch!
    Enjoy your weekend and Happy Birthday to Grandpa Wayne!

  3. Happy Easy pretty, pretty Scylla! Happy Birthday to Grandpa!

  4. Enjoy your new comfy spot lovely Scylla!!

    Me and Charlie wish Grandpa a happy birthday and we also continue to hope for Arty's safe return! Take care

  5. Happy Birthday to your Grandpa!

    You made Mom smile (not about Arty missing) but that Arty and Mom's Angel Bobo both used to like to go under and INSIDE of the recliner.

    Mom had a recliner years ago and had to keep it closed for the same reason. Angel Bobo used to LOVE to go inside the recliner and it used to make mom more insane than she alread is trying to get him out.

    Of course I wasn't born when this happened, it is one of many stories that Mom would tell me about my Grandpa, Angel Bobo.

    Love, Cody

  6. Happy Birthday to your Grandpa!

    You are lookin' good Scylla! We think about Arty and know how hard it must be.

    We hope your mom's foot is better.

  7. Great way to spend the SUNday. Hope you get lots of zzzs. Happy Birthday to Grandpa. Wishing him many many more years of birthday celebrations.
    Great idea on going to the Canadian rockies. Will let everyone know where we are going once the drawing takes place.

  8. Happy Birthday to your Grandpa!!!
    Enjoy that perfect napping ledge, but beware of lever-swinging humans!!!

    We're still purring for Arty, every single day.
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  9. Careful, some buddy might use you as a foot rest
    Benny & Lily

  10. Scylla, that is a fine toe-biting opportunity if we've ever seen one.

  11. Happy Birthday to your grampy.. Thats a great snoozing spot ypu found.. Hugs GJ xx

  12. What an awesome place to take naps!!! Happy Birthday to your Grandpa!

  13. oh Miss Scylla...I am so happy you have the recliner sleeping spot! I think I would like it too...I have checked it out before...but I am still nervous about getting up there if Mom and Dad are there too...paw pats, Savannah

  14. Huge Hug to your mommy ((( ))))
    and your spot is SUPERB !!!
    Kitty always know how to take easy ; )

    PS : Thanks for coming to my Birthday ; )

  15. Oh, we missed it. Happy belated birthday, Grandpa Wayne!

  16. Oh, we missed it. Happy belated birthday, Grandpa Wayne!


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