Marketplace Monday Blog Hop ~ Fenris' Favorite Toy

Roo from Roo's Doins is hosting a Giveaway. Roo is hosting a BarkBox / MeowBox Giveaway.  See his 9-24-12 post to see a sample and details to enter.  Deadline is 10-31-12.

 This is my favorite toy. Mommy got it for me the day she adopted me. It is a Kong and we has to say it has lived up to the companies reputation of making durable dog toys. I am very hard on my toys. Most are lucky to last a week. This one has lasted years. It is the Kong Wubba and I loves it. We calls it the Purple Octopus. 

Here I am with my Purple Octopus when I was just a baby. Mommy says it was almost as big as me. I drug it around back in those days. Now I can easily carry it. Click here to read the post I did about it when I first got it.

I likes to chew and bite my toys as you can see it held up well to my jaws of doom.  It has faded a little over time but I do takes it outside in the sunshines with me.  ~Fenris

PS: For all of you who are crushed not to see Socks on Mancat Monday I have included a picture of him in my post.



  1. ooooooh, I love that you are in the bloghop!!! Kong makes the best stuff, don't they! Have a great Monday.

  2. I will have to get one for Monty - he is a little hard on toys!


  3. Me and Charlie are super delighted to see you, handsome Fenris AND adorable Socks sharing today's post! Yay! Take care

  4. Fenris, that is one STURDY toy!

  5. Fenris, you look so sweet with your toy!

  6. thanks for introducing us! We went over and visited! Thanks!

  7. You are both looking quite handsome!

  8. How awesome its been around that long!

    Stop on by for a visit

  9. Fenris! Dude! You have a Wubba?! I've heard they are one of the most popular toys around! And you took care of yours that long?!! Wow! Really cool purple octopus pal :)
    Thanks for reminding Mom about those! I've been asking for one for a couple years now. Maybe this year :)

    Thanks for joinin the MM Hop today pal! You're in the drawing :)

    Waggin at ya,

  10. We do like the idea of a bark box
    Benny & Lily

  11. Fenris, it is SO nice to see you on a day that isn't Friday. WHOO HOO! You look very cute with your purple Wubba. <3


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