Scylla Sunday

I thoughts I would show you more of the neat prizes I won. This is the limited edition “Cat Ruler of the World” litter box from NVR Miss Litterbox.    Don't you just LOVE the marble look. I will feel very posh when I goes to the marble "Cat Ruler of the World" little girls room.  I is reserving it for "girls only". Socks will have to make due with one of the "other" litter boxes.

Mommy was thrilled with the SpotBot Pet Cleaner from Bissell, she says it will make cleaning my accidents up easier.

This is the Kitty Speed Bump from Catpods.

A side view of the corrugated kitty scratching block from Kittyblock. It made a nice addition to the Scylla Palace.

The Scylla Palace was created with 4 stack boxes from Catty Stacks, I really likes the Pistachio Green (I thinks it matches my eyes) and the Sky Blue (which matches our walls purrfectly), and the Chocolate Brown and Snow White are nice neutral colors that will go with any decor.. Sorry you can't see the Chocolate Brown very well it is behind the Pistachio Green.

We moved my SkratchKabin cat bed from KatKabin next to the couch, we have named it The Hanging Mouse Inn. Socks like curling up in it to sleep.

A pet feeding bowl and mat from PetSmart's exclusive Martha Stewart line, plus a $10 gift certificate. Look the bowls even have covers. 
And these two Pawsome books. Buckley's Story even came with it's own bookmark. I can't wait for Mommy to read them to me. I promise I will tell you about them after we have read them. I has an autographed copy of “Cat Daddy” by Jackson Galaxy and a holistic spray pack from his Spirits Essence line. Mommy says we may be needing the holistic sprays soon.

The Cyclone Cat Toy from Bergan is a BIG HIT, especially with Socks.

We now has our own play area in the Family Room.

I had to check everything out as it arrived and was unpacked.

I really think having FOOD in the food bowls would make me happier Mom.

I thinks you has it all arranged the way I want it.

We has been personalizing the Scylla Palace with favorite blankets, mice, and assorted other toys.

It is ready for me to move in now. Believe it or not I can get through the entrances easily.

Mommy spilled some catnip when she was sitting up the Cyclone.

Tocks for Tocktober. I would never expose them like this if I wasn't under the influence of Nip.

The nip that came with the Cyclone smells really good.

Glamor shot with me and my play area.

Now I am going to play with the Cyclone.

I is trying to get the ball out.

It's not as easy as it looked.

Maybe if I whap it.

Nope it's still in there.

Inhaling the nip aroma.

Ok, more batting at the ball.

A casual glance at the camera for a glamor shot.

More whapping.

More sniffing.

Another whap.

Now I am going to check out some of the toys in the Scylla Palace.

A pause for grooming.

Now Socks wants to play with the Cyclone. I am offering advice.

I thinks I may be stuck and can't get down. Maybe I inhaled a tad to bit much nip. ~Scylla


  1. Marble litterbox and ALL THAT STUFFS...?



  2. OMC !
    Sooo many great stuff you have won !!
    Enjoy playing , pooping and reading them :)

  3. I am having a ball. Thanks for coming over for a visit. ~Scylla

  4. WOW!!! That is really cool stuff you got!! Me & Clemmie will be right over for a visit to check everything out!!
    Your TX furiends,

    Hi Socks!! I'll be right over to visit you!!

  5. Wow! You totally scored!!! I like those corrugated boxes! And the marble litterbox, very fancy!

  6. OMC you really hit the Jackpot. It is like CHRISTMAS in October!!!

  7. My, my goodness pretty Scylla, you sure did hit the jackpot, and then some!!! I'm coming over to play!

  8. Wow! Very neat toys!


  9. What lovely things you've won!
    The marble litterbox looks great.

    Mummy read Buckley's Story and she liked it a lot. She is looking forward to reading Cat Daddy.

  10. OMC!!!! Wow that is a ton of cool stuff. Mom says that she doesn't know what she would do without her Spotbot...not like us kitties ever hack up hairballs or other such ok we do.

    That cyclone toy looks like it needs to go on my Christmas list!

  11. What a load--you hit the jackpot! When is the housewarming for your playroom?

    The high sides on the litter box look like something my furbabies need!

  12. Wowie, those are a lot of very wonderful prizes! I think the marble litterbox is neat-O!

  13. those boxes look like fun
    Benny & Lily

  14. I am glad to see those prizes are getting some good use. We like our Never Miss Litterbox too!

  15. oh wow! yous really has it set up nice. can wes comes over and plays?
    kisses nellie

  16. Holy cod that is an awesome play place you have now! I'm so jealous! And You have gorgeous tocks!

  17. Wowwee! That is the most awesome stuff we've seen!! You are so lucky, Scylla!!

  18. Yeowsers! Scylla!! How did you win so much stuff?? You lucky girl you! I luvluvluv your Scylla Palace...can I come over sometime? And you are looking very svelte my girl furriend...purrrrrrs

  19. Those toys look like fun times

  20. YOu have made mine and mom's day with this blog and these pictures. Weare both still smiling really BIG!

  21. Wow, you hit the jackpot. Congratulations! Have fun with all your new goodies. Hugs and nose kisses


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