Scylla Sunday

I love it when Youngest Boy Bean buys new shoes. The shoebox makes a purrfect bed.

Mousie even has a place to snooze. ~Scylla

PS: We just wanted to remind you today is the last day to vote in the Tabby Cat Club's Halloween Contest.

Socks is a participant.

Gracie asked us to pass this along.
Please, if you could go back to the TCC and vote again. The voting monster was at work and was taking votes back. We are keeping track of the voting by having the votes be done in the comments. Please let all of your friends know.


  1. why the humans waste money on "normal" beds for us I will never know!
    Have a great snooze!
    Love, Cody

  2. You look very comfy!


  3. That box looks like it is the pawfect size for you, Scylla. Enjoy that Sunday snooze.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. That is a great box. We do love our boxes too. Hope Socks wins that Halloween contest. Good luck. Take care.

  5. I love new shoe boxes, too, Scylla!! They are the best to play with!!

    Hi Socks!! Mom has been busy all week and I didn't get to see you! Wanna come over and sit on the porch with me?

  6. What a perfect box for perfect Scylla! Take care

  7. We like shoe boxes too - although we must admit we love any box that's big enough to get into!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. What a cool hiding place
    Benny & Lily

  9. What a pawsome box, Scylla. We luf that it has that extra tray fur mousie and a few other toys. MOL!

  10. are so cute in that shoe box, Scylla!

  11. we love boxes too. The smaller the better.

    cats of wildcat woods

  12. What a perfect sized box. Enjoy your snooze.

  13. Can you scoot over just a wee bit?

  14. That box is purrfect for you and Mousie, Scylla

  15. THere is NOTHING like a great shoebox!!!
    Kisses and happy easy to yous!

  16. oh wow! that is one huge shoebox! ANd Miss Scylla, you don't fill it up so that diet has worked wonders...whispers behind paw...could you pass that over to me please...just askin'...paw pats, Savannah


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