Thursday in the Garden

 Fall brings an explosion of color to Mississippi Gardens. This Hummingbird is enjoying the Pineapple Sage.

 Mommy was standing right by the Hummingbird when she took the picture. She said it was nice being able to take a shot from above the Hummingbird for a change.

 The Butterflies like the Pineapple Sage too.

 This is probably the best shot of the Hummingbird.

 The Candlebush has seeds on it we will need to be gathering them soon.

 We have several Confederate Roses. This one starts off white and then turns pink. Confederate Roses aren't really roses, they are Hibiscus.

 More Pineapple Sage with the Rosemary growing in the Charybdis bed.

 Our Special Flower that Mommy got for Arty.

 Some pretty purple wildflowers Mommy really needs to weed this bed.

 Some cute little white wildflowers.

 The Ginger Lily not only looks pretty it smells divine. We wishes you could sniff it through the screen.

 Close up of the purple wildflower.

 More Ginger Lilies.

 Yellow Wildflower.

 Bed of Wildflowers we loves the combination of yellow and purple.

 This is probably responsible for Mommy feeling bad but we loves how pretty it is. Most people call it rag weed around here.

 This is the most delicate wildflower we have, we just loves it. It is a pretty dark purple.

 This is a funny little flower growing in the shade. It is a lovely shade of blue.

 The Katie Rubella it has done great this year and is even spreading.

 The Cape Honeysuckle it just blooms and blooms. We hopes Mommy gets more of them.

 Purple Cuphea.


 Our Clematis, it is a riot of blooms right now.

 The Candy Corn Cuphea.

 The Sky Flower, the butterflies are still going nuts over it.

 More wildflowers.

 Pineapple Sage with Hummer.

We hopes you enjoyed your gardening tour, we are headed over to Jonesie's to make our report to The Society of Feline Gardeners.


  1. Beautiful tour this week! Thanks fur sharing your beautiful garden with us. Happy Thursday, furriends. XOXO

  2. Just beautiful! I love your artsy flower too!

  3. You have so many wonderful and beautiful flowers in your garden. We love the one for Arty and hope she comes home soon xxx

    The Paw Relations

  4. What a lovely tour of your garden - you have such a lot of lovely plants.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. What a wonderful garden with so many blooms! We are sorry to hear your mommy is having allergy problems.

    We're going to have a killing frost and are sad to see it :(

  6. Your garden is always so amazingly beautiful!

  7. So beautiful flowers!!!!!

  8. Beautiful shots of the hummer - so pretty. We have a few roses left but it is getting too cold for any blooms here:(

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Lots of pretty flowers. Ours are all gone.

  10. Wow, you have SO MANY flowers! We love that you still have a hummer. Ours left last month. The red flowers are so nice... And the clematis.

  11. Oh My! I thought my new garden was really nice, but you have so MUCH! You must live an like a garden big as a state! And we luvluvluv hummers!!


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