DogTime's Adoptable Dog and Cat of the week (Hershey Kiss & Pumpkin)

Hershey Kiss is a 2 - 3 year old chocolate and white Cocker Spaniel.

This is what her Foster Mom had to say about her:
She lives up to her name; when you sit down, she comes up to smother you with kisses! Hershey is a friendly, happy, lively, interested, and adorable pup.  Hershey loves to run in the yard, and sit on your lap. She is house trained, though she is a submissive wetter, so if you get too excited to see her, she will pee. If you let her get used to the situation before you greet her, she is fine. Hershey is also crate trained.

Hershey entertains herself with stuffed animals, though has trouble distinguishing her toys from the sheets on the couch, socks on the floor, leashes, etc.! She does learn quickly though, and will stop any behavior when told to stop. She walks well on a leash and plays well with cats.
Hershey Kiss would make a wonderful family pet.

Read more about Hershey Kiss here.

And just in time for Thanksgiving ..........................Pumpkin
Just thinks you could enjoy sweet Pumpkin everyday and ZERO CALORIES.

Pumpkin is a eleven month old (as of July) orange tabby who is so, so sweet and also very playful.. He is a bit shy, but has no problem being held and loved.. His dream is to get a home with lots of toys so he could play all day.., along with unconditional love from his family!  If you would like to find out more about Pumpkin.. please contact his friend, Judy, at 954-802-0547 or email

More details about Pumpkin can be found here.

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  1. They are both adorable and would be special additions to any home!

  2. Aaahhh hope they get home for the holidays
    Benny & Lily

  3. Sure hope they find a furever home for the holidays.


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