Scylla Saturday

Mommy was being silly with the camera. She took this picture looking down on Socks.

She thinks he has neat markings.

She thinks my markings are neat too.

Can you see my stripes. I has very light orange stripes on my face and tail, they are most noticeable under my chin.

I likes to sit in the flowerbeds.

Socks likes to sleep in Youngest Boy Bean's desk.

Doesn't he look cute all tucked in like that?

Close up Socks October 2012


  1. We think you both look pawseome!

    The Paw Relations

  2. You are both indeed really beautiful! I think your human's idea about taking you from above was a good idea!

  3. Hello my pretty Scylla! You two always look terrific!

  4. Scylla, it's OK if Mom is silly sometimes, we still get to see beautiful YOU and Socks.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. We see your stripes, Scylla, you're truly a tabby at heart. Socks is so cute, all curled up. Mommy wonders how that could possibly be comfortable!

  6. We think you both are pretty neat!! Those are some good pictures of you.

  7. All of us kitties are good looking and cool markings.

  8. Socks is tooo cute tucked into the snuggy desk spot :-)

  9. Socks are so cute! And Scylla is a pretty baby!


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