Scylla Sunday

I am enjoying the flowers. The Sniffie Roses are looking particularly lovely.

The Zinnias are getting lots of attention from the butterflies.

The flowerbeds are a very comfy place to nap.

But sometimes I sits in the chair with Mommy.

Yikes, there are strangers at our house again. Gotta go hide. ~Scylla


  1. We enjoy seeing your pretty flowers! And we hope those strangers don't plan on staying long!! Have an easy Sunday!

  2. Hi Scylla !
    It´s soo beutiful in you garden with lot of hidingspots :)

    P.S I have a blogg award for you on my bloggie :)

  3. We are so jealous you have flowers! Ours are gone due to frost.

  4. Hello pretty Scylla, you are looking beautiful as always!

  5. Scylla, The Baby would like to come over and lay in the dirts with you...feel like a nice gossip?

  6. Scylla
    Yoow gawden is sooooo bootiful, no wondew evewyone comes to look. I hope they don't distuwb yoo too much
    Sending my love and smoochie kisses to all of you

  7. Scylla, your garden is beautiful!
    Were the butterflies nom-able?

  8. So beautiful!!!

  9. Mom always tells us to stop and smell the flowers
    Benny & Lily

  10. I love strangers at my house by NO kitty here before EVER did. I don't know whay I am different.


  11. Hi friends!
    Have a great week!!!
    kisses and hugs

  12. We are just amazed to see Summery flowers at this time of year. The only thing we have is Pansies!


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