Tabby Tuesday

This Cape Honeysuckle is just gorgeous, it is suppose to bloom year around and is an evergreen.

The Carolina Jasmine will be blooming soon. It blooms in winter.

OK, Now you get a good look at my handsome tabby self.

Hi Mom, can I come sit with you?

This is what the stack boxes Scylla won in Zee & Zoey's Contest looked like when they first arrived.

Here is the silly Mommy trying to put them together. She did it wrong the first time and had to go watch the video demonstrating how to do it and then come back and redo them.

See stack boxes incorrectly put together.

Stack boxes done correctly.

I guess I should give her credit for figuring out she wasn't doing it correctly.

We has 4, we has the Chocolate Brown (it's in back, but if you go to one of the first pictures you can see it, it was one of the first stack box Mommy put together), Pistachio Green, Sky Blue and Snow White. The Sky Blue is almost the exact color of our walls.. We liked all the colors they all looked Fabulous with our decor. My favorite was the Pistachio Green cause it matches my eyes.

Mommy put some of our stuff in it to make it more personal.

Scylla checked it out right away and named it the Scylla Palace.

She gave me permission to check it out too.

We were very happy that Scylla could fit inside with no problems. The diet must be working.

When you are in the back box you are very well hidden.

Scylla loves her new digs.

I took the tour.

But then I realized Mommy was taking pictures so I beat a hasty exit.

Scylla on the other hand stuck around to admire her Palace.

If you want your own palace visit Catty Stacks.



  1. OMC, those boxes are AWESOME! Congrats on winning them, and well done to your mom for (finally) getting them together correctly.

  2. Oh nice! I bet you cats have lots of fun in their new house. Congratulations on winning them.


  3. Those look great. Wow, we would have such fun with something like that. Our Person would have trouble putting them together too. They came out really well.

  4. Those boxes look great and you'll be able to hide away in them when you want a quiet nap.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Wow! Amazing! I love that!

  6. That is quite the palace pretty Scylla and handsome Socks!

  7. I think whoever dreamed up those made a fortune! They are perfect for kitties who love to snoop and hide.

    I purchased the package of 4 Catty Stacks for a fund raiser silent auction to benefit the no kill shelter. They sold at full price!

  8. Those house cubes rock!
    Benny & Lily

  9. That castle is very nice. Bet you kitties could have a great game of hide n seek in there:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Oh Scylla, what a great place to hang out, I envy you! paw pats, Savannah

  11. WOW!! What cool boxes!! We want mommy to get us some!! It looks like you guys have lots of fun!!

    Hi Socks! Can I come by and visit with you? Maybe then you can come and visit me with my box!!

  12. hmm... we have to check, did we put our boxes together correctly!! Great job to the human and glad you kitties are enjoying your new palace!!


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