Adoptable Dog & Cat of the Week ~ Rango & Emilia

Doesn't Rango look SAD? we thinks he is lonely and needs a family to love him. Rango wants to give lots of sugar and lay on your lap. To meet Rango, please call Sarge's at (828) 246-9050 or you may complete an application at

To find out more about Rango click here. We sure hope he finds a HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

We just loves this dilute calico, doesn't Emilia have gorgeous markings? Emilia really wants a home of her own for the Holidays. This is what she meowed.

 'I was abandoned and I have spent the last year having two litters of kittens under a trailer. Finally, someone noticed me and lured me into a trap (sneaky!) Even though I acted pretty feral, after about a week, I calmed down and looked for attention. I’m still shy, but, I’m doing great.

'I like attention and I like to be petted. I am starting to do the head butt thing when I’m getting some treats-the humans think that I don’t realize I am being bribed! I’m sure with some extra time, and maybe a room of my own to start off in, I will be a great addition to your family-I’m just not a fast adjuster!

'I’m also learning the knit and knead trick that seems to make humans happy-whatever it takes to give me an edge over the other cats who need homes! Please come by and visit with me, I would love to be settled in to a new place shortly!”

Click here to read more about Emilia

We sure hope Emilia and Rango get HOMES FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Can you help them find a home?


  1. I sure hope they find a great new home.

  2. They are beautiful and we are all purring for them.

  3. Awww, sweet babies :) We hope they both find very nice loving homes!

    By the way, we'd be happy to link to posts where you feature dogs and cats of the week on our FB page. :) I think the more people who know about such beautiful adoptable babies, the better!

  4. Hey Scylla, Hey Socks, Hey Fenris, Jet here. Hi Miss Alasandra.

    Golly gosh, gosh, we hope they find furever homes, speedy quick. Rango does look sad... we're crossing paws and fingers... it happened for JJ and I, we hope for the same results for Rango and Emilia.


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