Fenris Friday


This is so not a porch. I barked at the guys pouring the concrete to hurry them up.

 OK, this is more like what a porch should be.

 In case you are wondering why the plywood is there, it is to keep water from dripping off the roof onto the concrete, if it rains. That is also why we has towels on the roof. This is just until the concrete has time to cure or whatever it does.

 I am looking forward to having my yard back and no strangers for awhile. I am pooped with all the supervising I have had to do.  I had to pull double duty and supervise the pouring of the slab and Daddy remodeling the Greenhouse. It was exhausting, and then just when I thought things were going to go back to normal this showed up..........................

OK, as some of you know she has been showing up about once a week since around September 21.  Mom feeds her and she departs. We assumed she was going back home and that somebody was letting her run lose (people tend to do that around here). But she kept getting thinner and thinner and she's got ticks and stuff. About a week ago she showed up and stuck around, she slept in the dog crate in the garage and Mommy ran her up to the vet so they could check for a microchip and she didn't have one. Mommy also ran her by one of our neighbors who knows practically everybody and he didn't know who she belonged to. She slept in the garage that night (in my dog crate) but she took off the next morning when Mommy let her out to go potty.

Well she came back to eat the next week but Mommy wasn't dressed when she came by and she took off before Mommy could get dressed, and that was pretty much the pattern for a couple of weeks but December 10th,  she came back in the afternoon after Mommy was dressed. She hasn't ever done that before so Mommy was ready and she put a collar and leash on her and took her to the vet. The GOOD NEWS is she is SPAYED. The BAD NEWS is she has hookworms and HEARTWORMS. She is only around 12 months old. She acts like a real old dog, cause she feels so bad. To defray some of the cost of her heartworm treatment Mommy will be designing blog/facebook headers for donations (gifts) of $10.00 , you can contact us at our email or send us a private message on Facebook Alasandra Alawine (Sandra Ruth Jackson Alawine) to find out more. We suggest the private message on FB as the spam filter has been eating our emails. If you don't hear from us leave a comment on a post with a way to contact you. The banner is our way of saying thank you for helping us help Tuiren.

We named her Annie Tuiren (Too ren), and this is where we got the name Tuiren from................ 


Bran and Sceolan were the two favourite hounds of Finn Mac Cumhal. They were so wise and knowing that they seemed human in knowledge, and so indeed they were. According to the Irish story, this was how they were born. One time Finn's mother Muirne came to stay with him in Almhuin (Allen) which was the headquarters where he lived with the Fianna, and she brought her sister Tuiren with her. And Iollan Eachtach, an Ulster man and one of the chiefs of the Fianna there, was with him at the time, and he asked Tuiren's hand in marriage from Finn, and Finn granted it, but he said that if Tuiren had any reason to be displeased with her bargain, Iollan should allow her to return freely, and he made Iollan grant sureties for it and Iollan gave sureties to Caoilte and Goll and Lugaidh Lamba before he took Tuiren away.

Now, whether Finn had any inkling of it or not it is certain that Iollan had already a sweetheart among the Sidhe and she was Uchtdealb of the Fair Breast, and when she heard that Iollan was married she was bitterly jealous. She took on the appearance of Finn's woman messenger and, going to Ulster to Tuiren's house, she said: 'Finn sends all good wishes and long life to you, queen, and bids you prepare a great feast, and if you will come aside with me I will tell you how it must be.' Tuiren went aside with her, and when they got out of sight Uchtdealb took out a rod and smote her with it, and at once she turned into a most beautiful little bitch, and she led her away to the house of Fergus Fionnliath, the king of the harbour of Gallimh. She chose Fergus because he hated dogs more than anything in the world, and, still in the shape of Finn's messenger, she led the little bitch in to Fergus and said to him: 'Finn wishes you to foster and take charge of this little bitch and she is with young, and do not let her join the chase when her time is near'; and she left the hound with him.

Fergus thought it a strange thing that this charge should have been put on him, for everyone knew what a hatred he had of dogs, but he had a great regard for Finn, so he did his best, and the little hound was so swift and so clever that soon he changed his notions altogether and began to like hounds as much as he had hated them. In the meantime it became known that Tuiren had disappeared, and Finn called Iollan to account for it, and Iollan had to say that she was gone and that he could not find her. At that his sureties pressed him so hard that he begged for time to search for her. When he could not find her he went to Uchtdealb and told her in what danger he stood, and she consented to free Tuiren if he would be her sweetheart for ever. She went to Fergus' house and freed Tuiren from her shape, and afterwards Finn married her to Lugaidh Lamha. But the two whelps were already born, and Finn kept them and they were always with him.

So now we are Alasandra, The Cats & The Dogs



  1. Khongrats!!!

    She's a khutie with a furry khool name!!!

    Watch out khats!!!


  2. We are going to share this right now.....did you consider adding a widget so we could donate through PayPal or something?
    She is a cutie and that is so sweet of you to help her..

  3. Wow! We weren't sure she was still around. Things are quite eventful at your home!

    Yes, do you have a PayPal account to allow for donations?

  4. Awwww Fenris!! You're doing a grand job snoopervising your yard creation! Yay!

    Awww sweet Annie Tuiren is so lucky to have found you all to look out for her! Take care

  5. You have a beautiful yard. Bet it will be well worth the wait
    Benny & Lily

  6. We are so happy for the little beagle but sad to hear she has health issues! I feared she was an abandoned pet.

  7. We are so happy for the little beagle but sad to hear she has health issues! I feared she was an abandoned pet.

  8. I am sure glad you captured her and she captured you!

  9. We had a feeling this might happen - we are happy for you, Fenris, and for your new packmate. We hope she will be well and healthy soon.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. We have heard of that cement stuff, and (from what TBT said about it) hope you all got yer pawprints immortalized in it!

  11. What a cute little beagle. We hope she's going to be okay even with the parasites.

  12. Oh my gosh. What a story - two stories. Pawsome name for the little darlin - Annie Tuiren BEAUTIFUL :)

    Now, let's talk $$$ - I want to help and I'm sure a lot of others do as well. Can you put up a CHIP IN so we can? You design gorgeous headers butt it's the Holidays and I'm sure you have other things callin on your time. Please set up some way that we can send funds to you. I will be very HAPPY to do a post and include how to donate on it :D

    Waggin at ya,

  13. Hey Scylla, Hey Socks, Hey Fenris, Hey Tuiren (welcome), Jet here. Hi Miss Alasandra.

    We have teary eyes reading about Tuiren. Thank heavens for your family. You have granted Tuiren the best holiday present a K9 can get: a safe and loving furever family.

    thank you for sharing the heritage of Tuiren's name. We will try to send some help after the holidays...

    Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs of admiration.

  14. The pawesome FB khreation is a HIT!!!

    Thanks again!


  15. Fenris,

    We just came over from Roo's blog to lets you know dat we has donated some green papers to helps wif Tuiren's treatment. :)

    So happy dat her has found a most wunderful place to call home.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  16. We donated for this sweetie pie!

  17. I love Brian's comment - I feel the same way

  18. So happy to hear about your beagle buddy

    Stop on by for a visit


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