Scylla Sunday

I am doing really pawsome on my diet of Iams Proactive Health Weight Control Dry Cat Food, since I have been eating it I have been way more energetic and the pounds are slowly coming off. I almost has my girlish figure back.

Mommy enjoys my playfulness.

Socks not so much, he is getting tired of me pouncing on him.

I am trying to help Mommy keep an eye on the Butterfly Garden. The Camilla looks lovely.

Everything looks OK in the Charybdis Bed. The Rosemary is still purrty and green.

I think I'll just sit in it for a bit.

Mommy doesn't mind as long as I don't squash anything.

I see something to POUNCE ON!!!!

It's Socks.

Sometimes if I pounce on him enough he chases me.

Do you think he is coming to play?

Maybe the squirrels would like to play with me.

I think I will go see.

Nope they didn't want to play.

Hi Butterfly, do you want to play with me? ~Scylla


  1. Oooh, that butterfly looks like fun... to chase!

  2. Scylla, we hope you can find somebuddy to play with! We're glad to hear your diet is working for you.

  3. You look beautiful sweet Scylla and I am so proud of you!

  4. Oohhhh! We'll help you pounce on Socks! Then we'll RUN!!!!

  5. Is it called playing or just pouncing, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  6. You are looking really ghood to me sweety.. Hope someone plays with you.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. You ARE energetic, Scylla! Mommy says she's gonna send Salem the Whale over to do the slimming regime with you.

  8. We are glad you are doing so well. Energetic is a good thing!

  9. Glad o hear your new food is helping you be more healthy.

  10. ScyIIa, we aIways Iove seein pictures of you and the garden! But this time, we want to comment on that 3rd picture (of Socks). We had NO IDEA that Socks was so Iong and sIender... There is aIIus something NEW ta Iearn about our friends!

  11. I don't think I've ever chased a butterfly!!!
    I'd sure like to though.

    You look beautiful, sweet Scylla.
    Katie & Glogirly

  12. Don't tell Callie, but Kozmo said something about going mouse hunting with Scylla! Has yous seen him there cavorting in the bushes?


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