Tuiren Tuesday

Well everybody here said you wanted to know more about me so I thought I would give this blogging thing a try. I started showing up here around September 21st

This is the first picture the food lady made of me. I would show up and she would feed me cause I managed to convey the fact I was hungry, but after I ate I would leave, the food lady assumed I was going home. Lots of people let their dogs run loose around here. I didn't have a collar or anything. So for the longest time I would show up once a week to eat and then disappear. Mommy took my picture and asked around to see if anyone knew who I belonged too. She posted my picture in a Mississippi Lost and Found Pets group on Facebook but nobody claimed me. Mommy was really surprised cause I am so sweet and friendly.

Well Nov 23 I showed up and I was really tired and didn't feel good. After I ate I crawled in the dog crate and went to sleep. Mommy ran me up to the Veterinarians so they could check for a microchip. I didn't have one. Mommy also drove around the neighborhood asking people if they recognized me, but no one did. I slept in the garage that night but the next morning when she let me out of the garage I left and when I came back for food Mommy wasn't dressed and I would disappear before she got dressed, she didn't have anywhere to keep me.

So December 10th I showed up twice. The weather was really bad that day and I came back after Mommy got dressed and she ran me back up to the Veterinarians to get me checked out. 

 Unfortunately I did not get a good report. I have Hookworms and Heartworms. Because of the Hookworms I have to be in isolation until the Hookworms are cleared up. Mommy put Fenris' dog house on the side of the house, so I have somewhere safe and warm to get. The entrance is facing the brick wall so it is very snug and warm, I has food and blankets in there and a bed of my very own that Mommy got me at the store. And I has water sitting outside the door, so if I accidentally turn it over my bedding won't get wet. Mommy was very clever as she put the bowl of water up against the wall so it is nearly impossible to overturn.  I get walked in the front and side yard (where Mommy doesn't take Fenris) frequently. But I really don't like being here all alone. At night Mommy takes me inside and I sleep in a dog crate in the garage.

I will start my second dose of panacur C January 1st for 3 days.
After that Mommy will take me back to the Veterinarian and if I test negative for hookworms I will be able to go in the backyard with Fenris until I start my Heartworm Treatment.

I got all my vaccinations December 10th, I go back December 26th for the Canine H3N8 Booster and two weeks after that I will start my Heartworm  Treatment, so it sounds like I will be visiting the veterinarian often. I have to say that so for this rescued deal hasn't been much fun for me, but I do like getting feed regularly and having somewhere warm and dry to sleep so I guess it's not so bad. Mommy is feeding me Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Small Bite, she thought the picture on the package looked kinda like me.

December 15th, since it was in the 70s here Mommy gave me my first bath. She said I was a very good girl about getting a bath and she was right. The bath did make me stop itching and my furs feel lots softer. She said I looked very pretty after my bath. And I also got my nails trimmed, I was very good about that too, unlike a certain brother who will NOT let anyone including the groomer trim his nails.

If you are interested in having Mommy do a blog makeover for you or having a Facebook header made you can contact her by email  or on Facebook. .

And I want to Thank all of you who have made donations toward my Heartworm treatment. So far $124.78 has been contributed. This is pawsome!!!!!!!   I really appreciate your kindness, I never knew people would be so nice to me. I really likes blogging and having a Facebook Page.  ~Annie Tuiren


  1. Wow, Tuiren, we knew kitties showed up at doors sometimes, but we dint know woofies did. We always thought they belonged somewheres.

    So good forever home, we hope...

  2. Tuiren sure chose the right home. Lots and lots of happy healin vibes to you Tuiren! Gonna be a bit of a road back to health butt I know you will get there! :)

    Waggin at ya,

  3. It has started raining here so it isn't much fun. I spend most of the day in the doghouse. But at least it is snug and dry.

    Everyone thank you for visiting me and thank you for helping me.

  4. It might not seem much fun now, sweetie, but you've struck gold, being cared for by such a wonderful human. We're purring you'll get a clean bill of health sooner than later!!

  5. WELCOME to Blogville Tuiren!!! We are so glad to have you here with us.

    Yesterday... during the tiny time that I had any intermutts... I saw Roo's Post and Ernie and I put in some green papers fur your treatments. It wasn't much butt it was heartfelt.

    We are praying that you will soon be able to be with Fenris. He is a super guy.

  6. You are such a pretty girl, and wuite smart too! You sure picked a wonderful place to ask for help!

  7. That's quite a big story for such a small dog. You've found a good home now, so as soon as you're able to interact with Fenris, you'll have the life of Riley. Um, guess we mean the life of Tuiren.

  8. You are such a sweetie! We're sure you and Fenris will have fun playing together in no time :)

  9. We are so glad you found such an awesome home Tuiren! My Mommy wants to thank your Mommy for her comment when Lily was missing. It really meant a lot to her!

  10. You sure are cute and are one smart girl to find a great new home.

  11. What a little beauty you are. You found yourself a very loving and caring family to live with sweet girl. We hope you are all well very soon and you can run and play with Fenris in the backyard. Hugs and nose kisses

  12. Hi Tuiren. It's so nice to meet you. And we're so glad you found a good family that will take good care of you. We hope you are feeling better soon.

  13. Tuiren, yous is one lucky dog! Yous has stepped in a pile of kaka and come out smelling like a rose. We hopes to hears more of your adventures soon!

  14. Glad you like blogging, Turien! Blogville is awesome

  15. When we adopted Wrigs from our local shelter, he had heartworm too. This was a surprise, because it is uncommon in our area. He did great with the treatment and there was no permanent damage from the heartworms. We wish you the best and know you'll be feeling great once you are finished with all your treatments, Tuiren!

    Susan and Wrigs

  16. So embarrassed...I missed this whole story...Tuiren is sweet...and thank you to this family of Miss Alasandra, Scylla, Socks and Fenris for taking him to heart and home...purrrrrrs, Savannah

  17. how nice of Miss Alasandra to help you so!! You are really a pretty dog that deserves a good home! Hope you all have a lovely holiday!

  18. Happy Holiday...Mom and I just 'chipped in' for Tuiren!!

  19. Any friend of Roo's, is a friend of mine!

    Good luck with your mean old wormies!!

    Your Pal,

    Miss Fendi HoneyBuzz (and momma Maureen)


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