Scylla Sunday

I got all dirty.

For some reason Mommy and Daddy keep insisting that I stay outside until I take a bath.

They seems to have a problem with dirts in my furs.

Honestly if I wants to turn my hair gray with the dirts who is Mommy to cast stones, she is always turning her hair different colors.

And I bets good old fashioned dirts is better then that new fangled dye Mommy uses. ~Scylla

Pee S: Still no sign of Tuiren, please cross your paws she shows back up soon so she can start her heart worm treatment. 


  1. We hope you had lots of fun getting dirty, Scylla!

    We continue to purr that Tuiren comes back soon.

  2. I like how you compared the dirt in your fur to your Mom changing her hair color, that was a good one lol.

    I am seriously thinking that Tuiren might have a home. I am hoping that if she doesn't have a home that she returns to you soon.

  3. My goodness, Scylla! Did you have a dirt bath? I'd be careful--the pawrents might give you a bath themselves!

  4. Guess you had a lot of fun making your fur that dirty ??!!
    Keeping paws crossed for Turien come back home real soon !!

  5. wow - you are elebenty kinds of dirty..... hope you had a good time, but we aren't sure the bath is going to be worth it

    paws crossed the Tuiren shows back up soon....

  6. If getting our furs dirty meant that we would have to get water baths, we would stop getting our furs dirty pretty darn quick!

    Purrs for Tuiren...

  7. oh you are SO right, Scylla. Those silly humans. And here they are going on all the time about "organic" - when you can't get more organic than dirt. For realz!

  8. Wow you did get all dirty

  9. Oh no, all our paws are crossed
    Benny & Lily

  10. Curious kitties want to know how you got so dirty.

    We purring that Tuiren comes back soon.

  11. Scylla, you´re a pretty kitteh, do you know?
    Kisses on your nose!


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