Scylla Sunday

 I overheard Mommy making an appointment with the veterinarian for first thing Monday morning so I am looking for a good hidey hole.
 I am sure she will never be able to find me here.

 Now let me just get nice and comfy.

Socks, What do you mean the appointment is for Tuiren?

Socks: Tuiren will go in at 8AM Monday morning and will stay until 4:30 for STEIP 1:HEARTWORM MANAGEMENT INITIANTION
Tuiren will get a complete physical microfilaricidal treatment and the administration of the first dose of Heartgard Plus (the Heartguard Plus will prevent her from getting reinfected  and keep her from being a reservoir for infecting other animals), they will watch her throughout the day to make sure she doesn't have any negative reactions to the treatment.

Microfilaria are the off spring of the adult heartworms. They do not mature into adult heartworms in your pet's body they have to be ingested by a mosquito where they mature into larvae and become a source of infection for other animals. 

Tuiren started her medications Friday because she was having trouble breathing.

She is taking Doxycycline. The Doxycycline will decrease the lung inflammation that is associated with the death of the heartworms. This antibiotic also makes the female heartworms infertile and can potentially weaken them and stunt their growth.

Prednisone which is a steroid used to minimize the inflammation caused by the dying microfilaria. 

She was also prescribed Theophylline. Theophylline is a bronchodilator used in veterinary therapy that is effective in the management of congestive heart failure, asthmatic bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in animals. Included in the drug classification as smooth muscle relaxant, the medication is active against conditions affecting the respiratory muscles of dogs and cats. Theophylline, the active ingredient contained in the medication helps in relaxing the muscles in and around the windpipe, thereby dealing with the breathing complications due to asthma. The medication effectively works as airway dilator by widening bronchitis tubes to facilitate easy breathing. Theophylline is available only by prescription and comes as tablets, long active capsules and liquid.

Oh, maybe we should start purring for her. That sounds really serious. Hey everybody will you join us in purring and crossing paws for Tuiren. ~Scylla


  1. See Scylla you worried for nothing! It isn't YOU!!!
    We will be sending all of our barks and healing purrs to Tuiren

  2. Thank you for purring for Tuiren.


  3. We are sending purrs and hugs for Tuiren.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. I will be purring my loudest and wish that littlw woofie lots of luck at the vets. I am sure it will go well but extras purrs just in case.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. You can Count on Ernie and I to have our paws Crossed very much Tightly fur

  6. We are hoping Tuiren has no complications from her heartworm treatments. They are indeed serious. Jenna and Sissy are sending purrs her way :)

  7. We are sending lots of purrs to Tuiren!

  8. Oh what good news to hear ANNIE TUIREN is home where she belongs with her sibs and peeps. It is very nice to meet you all and I look forward to learning more about you
    Hugs Madi

  9. we will keep all our feets crossed
    Benny & Lily

  10. We are purrin' for Tuiren!!

    Mommy took theophylline when she had pleurisy from the flu--she says it really helped her breathe without pain.

  11. Oh my!! Lots of purrs and prayers for Tuiren at the Vet's Office tomorrow!!
    Hugs From your TX furiends,

  12. We is purring furry hard! Wes meeted a doggie who had a heartworm infestation at the vet last summer and they did not survive the treatsments.
    We is also sending comforting purrs to your Mommy and the rest of yous.

  13. We will be purring big time that the treatment goes well.

    cats of wildcat woods

  14. Purring it all goes very well!!

  15. Daddy Kiril, Elvira, and I, Nikita, send well wishes your way!

  16. We are all purring as much as we can...and with 9 of us that's a whole lot! We think Tuiren is the sweetest little woofie and we want her to be healthy and happy.

    Grete is wagging her tail for her too.

    xoxo Cory

  17. We are all purring for Tuiren and there are four of us now. We all hope that everything turns out great.



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