Tuiren Tuesday

I had my first Heartworm Treatment yesterday. I was kinda nervous about it. And I still feels kinda bad. I was having trouble breathing when Mommy was reunited with me so I started some of my medicine early and it helped.

 Fenris is trying to cheer me up by telling jokes. He knows a lot of funny ones. I hope one day I am a happy dog that laughs a lot like Fenny.

 Mommy says I am a Snoopy Dog, she rattles on about something called Peanuts, somebody called Charlie Brown and some dude called the Red Baron. Sometimes Mommy makes no sense at all.

 The Utility Room has become my room. This is where Mommy keeps my crate I sleep in at night and where she feeds me. I want to thanks everyone that has sent me well wishes, purred for me, crossed paws for me, shared my story and sent donations. Your generosity has been overwhelming. I am so very very touched. ~Annie Tuiren


  1. Tuiren, I am so glad you are home with your Mom and Fenris and Scylla and Socks :D
    You just take it easy and get better. We are all so looking forward to the day you are healed and smiling :)

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Your Mom's too funny!

  2. Hope you soon will be as happy as Fenny and laugh a lot :)

  3. Awww we are so happy you are home now sweet Tuiren!! Yay for Fenris and his funny jokes! Take care

  4. Tuiren, you found yourself just the BESTEST home EVER! And I know that when you get rid of those icky heartworms, you're going to be laughing and playing and having so much FUN! Just hang in there, okay?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. We are glad Tuiren is home and doing well.

  6. Oh Tuiren you ARE a "Snoopy Dog" you have the most beautifully shaped Beagle head! You are a stunner!
    So happy to hear you are feeling better and I can see that Fenris is doing his best to cheer you up. That looked like one heck of a joke that he told!
    Sending you healing ((((hugs)))) special girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love from all of us!

  7. You have found the mostest LOVING home in the world.
    We are so happy that your treatment went well and that you are on your way toward being RID of those nasty worms.

    I know Fenris.. you are right.. he is one FUN Furend... and will make a super BROTHER for you!! The kitties are just PURRRRRRRfect too.

  8. we are glad you are feeling better and hope the medicine helps!

  9. We are so happy you are home. We will keep all our feets crossed
    Benny & Lily

  10. You are such a cutie and we hope the all better finds you soon! Please stop by and wish Dante a Happy 11th Birthday.

  11. We know you feel a little rough today. You will be so energetic and feel much better when all those nasty heartworms are gone!

    "Snoopy" beagles have great noses. We know your nose will always find interesting things to sniff :)

  12. I hope the meds work fast!

    Stop on by for a visit

  13. Sure hope you feel better soon

  14. We know you'll be as happy as Fenris one day soon!!

    The Florida Furkids

  15. Tuiren, you sure are a good looking woofie! We're so happy you are back in your new home and we hope you are feeling good soon. It's nice Fenris is there to tell you jokes. :)

  16. Tuirein, Me is so glad yous home and yous is looking good! Soon yous and Fenris will be wresting and playing!

  17. Oh Tuiren!! We are glad you are home and feeling better!
    ((((((HUGGGSSSS))))))) from your TX furiends,

  18. Tuiren, you made Grete woofie very happy...she was concerned you wouldn't laugh at Fenris's jokes! We love a woofie with a sense of humor. Did you know that laughter is the best, second only to purrrs?

    We are going to continue the purrs for you until you are all well again.


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