Pip & Puddles come for a visit by Fenris

<a href="/Restaurant_Review-g43929-d2326462-Reviews-Bayview_Gourmet_Restarant-Ocean_Springs_Mississippi.html">Bayview Gourmet Restarant</a>: Pictures
This photo of Bayview Gourmet Restarant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We were so excited when Pip and Puddles accepted our invitation. We decided to start the day with a hearty breakfast at Bayview Gourmet. I suggested the The Big Easy: Poached eggs on Holland Rusk topped with Canadian bacon, crabmeat, shrimp, and hollandaise sauce, and everyone agreed it sounded yummy. I thinks everyone enjoyed it. We ate on the patio as that is the only place they allow doggies. I eat here all the time with Tammy & Mommy so I was sure my friends would enjoy it.

Then we headed off to do some hiking at Gulf Island National Seashore located in downtown Ocean Springs.

Puddles, Pip, Tuiren, Fenris, Socks & Scylla
 Mommy insisted on getting a group photo before she allowed us to go hiking. Mommy has been bringing me and Tuiren here to walk on the weekends so we knew all the trials, and where to find the wildlife. Puddles was very excited by the alligator, Scylla tried to catch the Great Blue Heron and Pip & Socks went squirrel hunting. I just tried to keep up with everybody they were all scattering in different directions so it was a lot of work keeping everyone safe.

After our hike we decided to head to The Walter Anderson Museum  in downtown Ocean Springs to admire all the art work. You can read about Walter Anderson here.

Pip and Puddles really enjoyed touring the museum and looking at all the lovely art work so we decided to drive over the Ocean Springs -Biloxi Bridge to the Ohr - O'Keefe Museum of Art. I thinks we drove right past Mommy and her friend walking the bridge. People walks it all the time but doggies are not allowed to walk it.

Mommy took this picture on one of her bridge walks
They has a sidewalk on the bridge with places to sit and rest and some art work. We were much happier driving across it though. Mommy says it is noisy and windy on the bridge when you walks it.

When we got to the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum we were kinda hungry so we stopped outside for a snack. Yep, this weird looking thing is the museum. We don't particular care for the building in fact we thinks it is ugly but the famous Frank Gehry designed it.

Next we went to Beauvoir - The Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library. It is very beautiful here. When the boy beans were small they went on an archaeological dig here (click to see pictures) and found lots of neat stuffs.

Now we  all agreed we were starving so after consulting with Mommy about the best place to eat in Biloxi we headed to Mary Mahoney's Old French House.  The exact date the Old French House was built is unknown, but Mrs. Byrd Enochs, owner and occupant for over fifty years, estimated the date at around 1737.  The Restaurant was established May 7th, 1964. A favorite of Mississippi native, Elvis Presley, the restaurant is also rumored to be protected by a 2,000-year-old oak tree locals call “The Patriarch.”

 We took Pip and Puddles picture by the 2000 year old Patriarch.

Now Pip and Puddles have been very well behaved this whole trip I thinks they must be scared of Mommy she has a fearsome reputation as a disciplinarian. But we took them somewhere where they could really cut lose and have a good time.

The Beau Rivage Resort and Casino. Scylla, Turin and Puddles went to check out the Spa and Salon. Us guys me, Pip and Socks went to the High Limit Lounge. Seems we were mistaken for some rich dude and his entourage and they were putting everything on his bill, BOL (I swear I don't know how they got that idea, but it's a good thing because after getting all purrty at the Spa and Salon the girls went shopping and spent a bundle). After winning big we decided to call it quits and we collected the girls and went to the Vince Gill concert.

Luckily we had booked a room for Pip and Puddles at the Resort and they graciously allowed us to crash in their room as we were too drunk tired to drive home.

We really enjoyed our visit with Pip and Puddles and were very sorry they had to leave.  ~Fenris


  1. Oh, that breakfast was SO GOOD especially the bacon part ...yummy!

    Good thing went went on that hike afterwards, course I had to show Socks how to hunt squirrels cause you know I am a fierce hunter - not sure why my assistant is laughing!

    Puddles put that alligator down!

  2. Love the museums! And the O'Keefe one is really neat looking ...hope they don't mind us snacking on the lawns. I will make sure Puddles doesn't leave any Cheetos behind.

    Oh, I am promise not to pee on the Patriarch Tree. Bahwhahahahahahaa!

  3. What a great tour...you guys sure not how to show them a great time.

  4. Oh thank COD, Pip was driving. Puddles seems to get into some trouble when she drives. That sure was a fun stop for you two. What good food and a fun time hunting. Glad the alligater didn't eat Puddles. Have a careful trip home.

  5. What a great visit! Pip and Puddles are visiting us next week! We hope they sober up by then!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. What a PAWSOME tour you gave Pip and Puddles !!
    The breakfast sounded really jummy *licking my nose*

  7. I just looked at the pictures from the dig. That's pretty neat! My assistant would love to do something like that. A long time ago she did a summer internship at a town historical society and part of the summer she spent organizing their artifacts in the basement. It was so fun!

    P.S.: Back to the Casino ...I need to do some gambling!

  8. You showed Mr. Pip and Puddles it all. Great food, art and museums,car rides, spas and gambling a concert and a bit of drinking. I bet they were very tired, but very happy.

  9. What a wonderful visit. We have actually visited Beauvoir and had dinner at Mary Mahoney's Old French House. A wonderful memory. Looks like you made some wonderful memories for Pip & Puddles.

  10. Oh my goodnesses, I is bouts to bust out da seams from da HUGE breakfast! I is gonna has to has my mum makes e a breakfast likes dat everyday...I could get used to dat fur sures.

    Nows where did dat alligator go?
    I needs a new pocketbook.


  11. Pip, glad you enjoyed breakfast. Bayview Gourmet is one of our peeps favorite restaurants and the only one that allows dogs.

    Not sure why your assistant thinks your prowess as a squirrel hunter is funny Socks says you did a terrific job the squirrels took one look at you and ran into his paws.

    Pip, you knows how us guy dogs are about trees you may be the only one who refrains. ~Fenris

  12. Puddles, Mommy says if you catch the alligator she needs some shoes.

    I thinks we should go back to Bayview Gourmet and gets some Shrimp Grits. ~Scylla

  13. Pip lets try our hands at Blackjack now. ~Fenris & Socks

  14. What fun!! You guys sure showed Pip and Puddles a great time!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  15. An excellent visit! I think that breakfast place sounds pretty good!

  16. Oh my. We would have gained 87 pounds by now. What an adventure
    Benny & Lily

  17. Hey Puddles, spot me $50 for the blackjack table

  18. Somebody grab me a stool (and a boost) ...I am going to give the slot machines a try ...feeling lucky tonight!

  19. Super FOODS and a bit of KULTURE and some Casino and Shopping fun. WOW what could have been better??? OH the RABBIT chase and Puddles trying to Dead a GATOR... BOL BOL... Glad she gave up... or the poor thing might have ended up needing Gator AIDE.

  20. I can't believe this. Pip and PUDDLES actually behaved themselves reasonably well throughout. This must be a first.
    Toodle pip!
    PS That breakfast sounds totally awesome. I am beginning to understand why my human so often expresses a yearning for an American breakfast. (She occasionally has cravings for 'biscuits and gravy' and these cannot be satisfied in Scotland!)

  21. No biscuits and gravy, how dreadful, Bertie. We loves the leftovers. And there are always leftovers when Mommy goes to Bayview Gourmet. We usually wind up with half an omelet and some biscuits. No thanks to Mommy who licks her plate clean but her friend is more generous with us.

    Frankie & Ernie, Gator AIDE was a good one. BOL

    Mr. Pip, here is another drink to keep you going I thanks you are going to WIN BIG.

  22. You gave a great visit.. What fun.. Love it.. Hugs GJ xx

  23. Ferris
    What a wonderful Southern time you showed Pip. Thank goodness Puddles, being a southern belle, was with pip just in case pip needed a translation.
    Mom loves breakfast out and yours looked very yummy.
    Be sure you leave a wake up call for tomorrow 'cause P AND P will probably sleep late

  24. Mowzers, Fenris, you sure did show Pip & Puddles some real Southern Hospitality - and lotsa cool sights too!

  25. What an excellent adventure--so many wonderful places, good food and gambling! We're glad everyone safely made it out of Gulf Island National Seashore :)

  26. Sounds like you all had a great time!

  27. Looks like you have a lovelys hood. Glad Puddles and Pip behaved themselves. Mommy must walk softly and carry a big stick in order to make them behave.
    Sweet William The Scot

  28. Such fun! We all enjoyed tagging along!

  29. Wowzers! you sure live in a great place! Me is so happy that Pip and nurse Puddles had a great time!

  30. what an amazing time! Isn't hanging with Pip & puddles the best!

  31. It's nice to see that Pip and Puddles are getting an educational tour as well. It can't always be about beer and gambling and junk food!! Ha

    Wyatt and Stanzie


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