Tuiren Tuesday

Sometimes I play with Mister.

He is very cold natured so Mommy bought him a coat. Grandma's are silly like that I guess. But I do have more fur then him.

I get cold too. Mommy got me a pretty pink blanket to wrap up in.

Sometimes Mister steals it though. ~Annie Tuiren


  1. OMG those jackets are too adorable! The pink one looks like a bath robe lol

  2. your blankie looks comfy... but it has no holes ;o)

  3. What adorable pics! We love that bellah shot! Have a happy Tuesday. xoxo

  4. I'd say from that belly shot that you and Mister are on the road to becoming good friends :)

    How wonderful grandma purchased a coat for Mister and a special pink blankie for you!

  5. Oh I love that little coat, and that pink blankie is sooo cute! Grandmummy takes good care of her G-babies... give her snuggles for Miss Kitty too! Meow...
    Kitty & Mum

  6. Hi Tuiren! Wanna come over and share my Blanket with you!!
    Your TX furiend,

  7. We like your pink blanket, Tuiren. We hope Mister stops stealing it from you.

  8. Yous knows little brothers is BRATS and never stops stealing your stuff. When they get older, they just get sneaker!

  9. That is a very pretty pink blanket

    Stop on by for a visit


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