Fenris Friday

Somebody has been wearing Daddy's Houseshoes Again!!!!!!!

Mommy got me this cute loveworm for Valentines/Gotcha Day/Birthday.

And she got me this bed, but Tui stole it from me.

I really liked it.

It was nice and comfortable.

Big enough for me and the Mom.

But then Tuiren went and stole it. I hasn't been on it since. It's got cooties now.  ~Fenris


  1. That's so funny about how you won't use the bed you loved just because Tui started using it. :D

    PS/ How is Mr Who doing?

  2. Maybe your mom-person can wash away the Turien smell from YOUR bed ??

  3. Awwww fantastic Fenris!!!! We hope you get another bed! :-) Take care

  4. We take turns with beds here. Maybe you need a second bed?

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Don't cha just HATE when THEY put THEIR Cooties on your stuffs?

    How is little Mr. Who's Leg????

  6. Maybe Goldilocks was there and wore your dad's slippers? Maybe you should sleep in the master bed - there is enough room for you all ;o)

  7. Poor Fenris...sorry yu' lost that nice bed! Purrs...

  8. How sad your nice floofy bed has cooties from Tuiren :(

  9. Well you most certainly need a bed all your own handsome boy!!! Big purrs to the little Mr. Who.

  10. I don't blame you for wanting your own bed. The love worm s cute. I have my video of your pressie scheduled to post on my blog soon. I love it.

  11. You better put up a no trespassing sign so no one touches your bed
    Benny & Lily

  12. You need to reclaim your bed!

    Stop on by for a visit


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