Flow ~ Photohunt & Sibling Saturday

We just love the way the hair on Fenris tail flow(s) through the air.  (VBP) Flow : to hang loose and billowing <her gown flowed around her>
Fenris is demonstrating how to tame sticks to Mr. Who.

They are best buds.

I watches the boys to make sure they behaves.

Fenris is watching for intruders, he is a good flock guardian.

And he is a pawsome stick trainer. ~Sweet Annie Tuiren reporting


  1. Great job with the reporting on Saturday SAT!


  2. Fenris is a super Stick Tamer and Trainer fur SURE. We like how the wind blows his Tail and makes it FLOW also...

  3. Fenris, we have serious TAIL ENVY! I rescued my very first stick last week from the stream! It was so exciting I chewed the stick up!!


  4. Love that tail Buddy...Just loved your post today...interesting, detailed, and short...way to go Buddy!


  5. Fenris, your tail is "flowing" beautifully my furiend!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  6. ohhhh I see a flowing woofie tail! And Tuiren looks like she would luvluvluv to get in there and play with the boys! smoochies for Scylla and Socks, Savannah

  7. His tail is like a feather floa!

    (That's a feather + boa)

  8. Hey I love your jellybean border! Hope you are hvaing a wonderful Saturday!


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