Mancat Monday

 Did I really tell Mommy she needed to take more photos of me. Now she is disturbing my slumber.

 And I was having such a nice dream about Samantha too.

I guess I could give Mommy my bedroom eyes for all the lady cats viewing pleasure and my nice spotted belly furs. ~Socks

PS: Mr Who goes to have his bandage changed this afternoon. We will give an update after he gets home from the Veterinarian.  So far he is doing good. He is putting weight on his leg and going to potty outside like he is suppose to. He is eating good and taking his medicine. He doesn't like not being able to play but he has to have restricted activity until his leg can heal. He has to wear a cone to keep him from bothering the stitches. The cone doesn't seem to bother him though, we are glad he seems to be mostly happy. He sure was happy to see his Grandma (Mommy) when she picked him up Friday, and he enjoyed spending  the weekend with Eldest Boy Bean. Youngest Boy Bean is off for Spring Break this week so the rest of us will actually get some attention.

While we don't think Italian Greyhounds are the right breed for Mommy (and Mommy will never rush out to adopt an IG of her own) we do thinks they are cute especially Mr. Who and we do loves him and will take the best care of him we can. He is a part OF OUR FAMILY. We are very upset by the RUDE PEOPLES that told Mommy to get rid of him. He is the right breed for Eldest Boy Bean who choose him. Mommy thoughts the forum she visited was a place to ask for advice about caring for Mr. Who and learning more about the breed and what they needed. Instead she got attacked for not being the purrfect IG owner/Grandma.


  1. Socks, I'm sure ladykitties will swoon, fainted and drooling here with your cute tummy ; )
    at least my mom does..tee..heh

    I think your mom did the right thing to Mr. Who, Lots of humen didn't do that, and offer an instant love to them, and then what they are end up ?..Send them back to the shelter ? I hope your family and Mr.Who have destiny to be together


  2. I can't wait to see pictures of Mr. Who. My assistant has always loved Italian greyhounds. She doesn't know much about their personalities, etc., but thinks they are adorable!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Mr Who is perfect!! And with the perfect family!! Who are these bad people passing ignorant judgement??!!? :-(

    Mr Socks! We are swooning at your beautiful bedroom eyes!! Take care

  4. Hoping that all goes well at the vet! Love seeing Socks!

  5. You are handling Mancat Monday very well, Socks!

  6. Take no notice of the down beats - we are looking forward to meeting Mr. Who.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Way to go Socks! We can't wait to see the "Mysterious Mr Who"... Purrs,

  8. What a boudoir shot! I'm sure every ladycat in the Cat Blogosphere got fainty :)

    I'd suggest visiting a pet supply store to look for a book about Italian greyhounds. If you have no luck there go online. You won't have to put up with the naysayers :)

  9. Oh Socks!! You make my heart flutter!! I'll be right over to snuggle with you!!
    Hugs & Kisses,

    PS: Mr. Who is a cutie!! And we know you all are the BEST family for him to be in!! We will put the bitey on anyone who disagrees!
    Sam, Clem & Mav

  10. Thanks everybody. Samantha so glad you are here to snuggle with it is cold and rainy here.

    For those of you who haven't meet Mr Who he post on Who Dat Wednesday.

  11. Socks, the ladies here ARE swooning! Mommy has a friend who has an IG and she thinks he's adorable.

  12. Tell momma nots to worry, Socks! Those mean peoples don't knows anything!! I bark in their general direction!!

    Your pal,

    Miss Fendi HoneyBuzz

  13. your family loves Mr. Who and that makes your home great for him!

  14. We think Mr Who has the perfect family! Hope all went well at the vet today!
    Keep on dreaming, Socks!

  15. You have the entire bed to yourself! Nice
    Benny & Lily

  16. Lets us say this...Cinnamon was NOT the hairy slobbery sister that any one of us would has picked! Neither was Bob and Kozmo, well, he was not the cat on our list either, Mommy (if she was in her right mind) would not has picked Daddy and Vice Versa. Such is life. wHO knowS where love is going to happens and how dare we judge others! We still loves each other and would not change a thing and me thinks yous guys feels the same. Please do not let others tells yous different.

    Me thinks theys should Jumps off a roof and leaves yous guys alone.
    Kisses Nellie

  17. Sounds like a very opinionated, snobbish group.

    Hope Mr. Who is doing better.


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