Thanks you Athena

Athena, Cat Goddess gave us this pawsome award. Thank you Athena.

 "The Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers to fellow bloggers on the rise, but with less than 200 followers.The rules are as follows: answer 11 questions posed by your nominator, post 11 questions to your nominees, post 11 random facts about yourself and nominate another 11 blogs meeting the afore stated criterion. " The 11 Questions posed by Athena and that we will answer.

 1. What is your favourite colour? Tuiren - Pink, Scylla - Purple, Socks - Green and Fenris - Blue

 2. What would you rather do, sit indoors in front of a warm log fire surrounded by your beloved animals, or lie on a warm beach alone? Well we likes to be outdoors. Ideally Mommy would like to be outside surrounded by us, Mommy isn't really fond of the beach. So given those choices we are going to say indoors in front of the fire.

 3 What's your favourite music? Or favourite recording artists? Mommy likes a little bit of everything currently her favorite song is "Back to You" by Perrin Lamb

 4. Any embarrassing moment from your past you would like to share. Well we thinks Mommy stepping on Who and breaking his leg is pretty embarrassing. Mommy's life is full of embarrassing moments we don't have time to elaborate.

5. Top 3 favourite books? Lord of the Rings by J. R. Tolkien, The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, and Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

6. Any famous person you wouldn't mind being trapped in a lift with? Hugh Jackman

7. The name of your first pet. Snowball

 8. Has your pet ever done anything to embarrass you in public? Mommy embarrasses us all the time.

 9. One thing that you think is wrong with this world? Daylight Savings Time, we don't care what time the clock says it is we cares what time our tummies say it is.

 10. What's your favorite movie involving animals?  Lady and the Tramp (Fenris & Tuiren) The Aristocats (Socks & Scylla)

11. If you had a time machine, where would you go? That is a tough one as there are lots of places and periods of time we would like to visit. But since we likes indoor plumbing, well at least Mom does she says we has to stick with the present.

11 Questions we would like you to answer:
1. Name of your favorite TV Show?
2. Where would you go on vacation?
3. Do you prefer cats or dogs?
4. What is your favorite St. Patrick's Day Dish?
5. What is your favorite scent? 
6. What is your favorite flower?
7. What is your favorite tree?
8. What is your favorite bird?
9. What is your favorite gemstone?
10. Does your human remember your birthdays?
11. If your human could choose any type of vehicle they wanted what type of vehicle would they pick?

11 Random Facts about us
1. Mommy was born with jet black hair, what there was of it.
2. Mommy has two human children, both are boys.
3. Mommy and Daddy have been married 25 years
4. Mommy & Daddy were both born in Meridian, MS
5. Mommy homeschooled the boys.
6. Mommy used to have horses.
7. Mommy loves to read
8. We loves flowers and being outside.
9. Mommy drives a Honda Fit
10. We has 3 Honda Fits in the driveway, only one belongs to Mommy though.
11. Mommy used to be shy.

Now we are going to deviate from the rules and say anyone who wants the award can take it and answer the questions. Please leave a comment if you do so we can come by and read your answers. 


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