Thursday in the Garden Report by Fenris

We has too many Lilypads, Daddy needs to remove them from the pond ASAP.

Mommy took a nice picture of grass, actually I thinks she was after the violets.

Mr. Who was training to be my assistant, before he broke his leg. His training has been suspended until it is healed.

I thinks he looks like me except my eyes are purrty and blue. I wonder if they makes contacts for dogs so he can have blue eyes?

The Camilla.

The Quince.

A Violet growing wild.


Tuiren is demonstrating how to climb trees.

Some more Violets.

Chinese Witch Hazel.


I is trying to teach Junior everything's name. Mr Who  is not the most attentive pupil.

And he often lays down on the job.

A succulent. I likes the pink flowers.

Tuiren is taking a rest in the greenhouse.

And Mr. Who is modeling for his portrait.  OK now I is off to makes my report to the Society of Feline Gardeners. 

Hi Grete. ~Fenris Wolf Reporting for Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs


  1. Do my eyes deceive me, or is Mr. Who walking on his two front paws in the photo of the Forsythia?! BOL!! What is that crazy pup doing?????!!!!!

  2. Fenris that was nice of you to let those "assistants" help you with your report! The garden is lookin' good!

  3. Mr Who bounces around like a jumping bean, he often flies through the air and he has a hard time keeping all 4 paws on the ground. ~Fenris

  4. Ohhhhh, we loved your tour today. Please, please send some sunshine and warmth north to Ontario.

    BTW, love the jellybean background, so cute!

  5. Hi Scylla!! So,sorry I have been bad about getting round to visits. I couldn't get a garden report today cuz nothing is new in my garden, but next week for sure. I enjoyed seeing violets wild, pawsome! And this hummingbird cottage is a lovely place to relax with a girl furriend, paw hugs for inviting me, Savvy

  6. Hey handsome Fenris, you are an excellent teacher and your garden is looking terrific already!

  7. You have the most INTERESTING and Beautiful gardens. We love seeing them in all their stages.

  8. Those lily pads sure are pretty
    Benny & Lily

  9. Your garden is wonderful - I love it.
    do you have blossoms on your water lilies?

  10. I've never seen wild yellow violets. All of ours are blue.

    We loved your garden tour. You are such a patient teacher, Fenris :)

  11. Oh Tuiren! I'll be right over!! Mom worked early today so I couldn't come!! We can play in the twilight!
    Your TX furiend,

  12. So glad Tuiren's treatment well, purrs to her and purrs to Mr. Who for a quick healing and recovery! Happy Belated Birthday Scylla, hope you had a great one! All your photos are really gorgeous.

  13. That Quince sure has big bright flowers for an early plant. Mebbe we should get a couple of those!


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