Saturday Sharing - More Geese

 We thought we would share more pictures of the geese family. These were taken the day they hatched, April 9th. 

 Our Grancy Greybeard is fixing to bloom. It is really purrty when it does.

Socks is going to tell a funny story that happened long ago with the Geese Family. (Socks) OK, I don't know for sure these are the same geese but when Whiskers was alive the Geese would come right up to the house and they actually hung out with Whiskers. A gosling ran right over his paw once and he never moved a muscle. Anyway one day Mommy was coming back from the grocery store and the Geese Family were in the driveway. Well the STUPID GANDER attacked Mommy's car. Mrs. Goose was very sensible and just lead the goslings off but the Stupid Gander wouldn't leave the car alone. Mommy had to get out of the car and chase him off with a stick, cause she was afraid of hurting him with the car.  ~Socks reporting for Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs


  1. Awwww the little Geeses are sooo cute <3
    My mom too know´s that BIG Gees can be very grumpy !!

  2. Geese are one thing we DON'T get excited about. We have so many where we live (there is a lake at our apt/condo complex) and they are EVERYWHERE (along with their poop, but I digress) and they are MEAN!!!!

  3. I like the "Geese-candy rolls" I found in my park :o) Mom said I was smelling godawful... but they were not bad :o)

  4. We don't have them where we live, so I would like to see them. Mum says she would not like them attacking...
    Kitty XO

  5. Our Mum is a bit scared of geese - we think it's cos they chased her!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Geese can be really mean sometimes. I am surprised they let you get that close to take pictures with those babies right there. But they are great pictures.

  7. Daddy geese can be very protective, or maybe just a bit nuts depending on your point of view...!

    Loving the pics of the little goslings and thinking you are so lucky to be able to watch them.

  8. Sock, that story backs up everything we've ever thought about geese!

  9. Love the Geesers! They sure can be a bit testy at times though. They used to come by our home a lot but they built a stupid development and now only in the fall.


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