Thursday in the Garden & Thankful Thursday

We have been moving stuffs out of the green house. The Peace Lily (or Spathiphyllum) is hard for us to grow, the leaves keep turning brown, because they gets too much sun. But maybe it will be happy here on the porch (the porch faces west). There is a small hosta under it, that is just coming up.

The Gerber Daisy's. Don't they look cheerful.

A Red Hibiscus, with some Purple Heart and Asparagus Fern. We are anxious to see how this container turns out.

Do you see the cat? Look under the Trailing Rosemary.

The Bougainvillea.

Ah now you can see the kitty better, It is surrounded by Lyreleaf Sage.  We just love it, and are so thankful it grows in our yard naturally.

The blooms are very delicate looking and a nice bluish purple.

The cactus. One day we would like to have window boxes here.

Another wildflower that we just love. This one is growing in a flowerbed by the Hummingbird Cottage.

The Candlebush with a succulent.

And the Gold-Flame Honeysuckle. We have also gotten some new plants and Mommy has grown some stuff from seeds, so we are supper busy putting stuff out plus we has tons of weeding to do. Now we are off to make our report to Jonesie and the Society of  Feline Gardeners.

 ~Socks & Scylla, Reporting for Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs


  1. The color of the Gerber flowers are wonderful :o)

  2. LOVE your garden and thanks for pointing out the kitty!

  3. Your gardens are all so beautiful. Our Mom LOVES gerbra daisys. How is the Hummingbird cottage coming?

  4. socks.....your garden is amazing...of course MY fav are the gerber daisies

    hugs from

    dai$y =^..*=

    we hope every one has a FAbulous day !

  5. We love your pretty flowers! I'm glad you put another picture of the cute kitty :)

    I grow peace lily indoors year round. It should be happier with either a north or west exposure. I don't know what your humidity is there, but it might need misting with soft or distilled water, too.

  6. Your flowers look very pretty
    Benny & Lily

  7. Your garden is looking beautiful. Mine is a bog from all the rain still but I live in hope.

  8. YAY to Tuiren! And yer plants flowers are looking great!

  9. I'm sorry for being late to visit your garden. I just love your flowers!

    Give Tuiren a kiss from me, ok?


    Jonesie can kiss Fenris for me too.


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